Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is a meme I'm very passionate about, 5 reasons why I love SA. Unfortunately I don't know that many fellow Saffer bloggers yet, so we're gonna go international! Firstly, here's my list of 5. I could go on and on...

1. Braai

I've been to tailgates, barbeques, picnics, spit roasts and many other kinds of al fresco cooking around the world, but nowhere did I find such culture built into the act. I'm not even a big meat-eater but just imagining the ritual and ceremony of braaiing gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. The machoism and hierarchy around starting the fire and grilling the meat, the girls gossiping and making salad in the kitchen and then everyone coming together to feast. I don't even necessarily agree with the male/female stereotypes depicted here, I just adore the sense of tradition. Don't forget tomorrow is Braai Day! See what I mean, a Braai Day?!

2. Afrikaans

I love my language. I miss its picturesque simplicity when I'm speaking English. A little lamb just doesn't sound half as cute as a klein ou lammetjie.

3. Our Political Resilience

'94 came around and we were cautious and fearful, threatening to emigrate. The transition happened peacefully, we accepted and embraced Madiba with a passion. Mbeki was appointed and we were cautious and fearful, threatening to emigrate. He wasn't that bad so we stuck it out and embraced the new South Africa with a passion. Zuma is looming and we are cautious and fearful, threatening to emigrate. Already I hear my peers saying, well at least he fights for the man on the street and we'll have to give him a chance...

4. Vetkoek

Oh my word there is nothing in this world I love more. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of good vetkoek in Cape Town, are strongly urged to come forward. I'm a terrible cook and I have an unstoppable craving!

5. My view

Okay - now I tag: Peonies GS Charlie Em Jules Insight Melissa Cyd

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Anonymous said...


loving your blog too!!

look for a new mix coming up this week...

gentle graffiti

Guilty Secret said...

I used to live with two South Africans and a Zimbabwean (the latter is still a very good friend of mine) and they taught me the way of the braai... I remember them telling me with such passion how much more than a bbq it was... aw, good times.

Nice idea for a meme... the two things I love most about my country sprang to mind straight away... as soon as I decide on the next 3 I'll get posting ;)

melissa said...

I googled braai and vetkoek to see exactly what you were talking about. Of course I'm interested in the two food references. ;)

I'll do my best to get something up about this, and thank you. My first instinct was to think "uh oh" cause I'm kind of an atypical (and some would say unpatriotic) American in many ways, but I already have my answers forming...

DT said...

That's a lovely list Redframe - I have to admit I love having braai's - it's such a pity it rained yesterday - I am sure there were many disappointed Capetonions!

Beautiful view!!

redframe said...

gg, thank you! will check it out.

GS, ah you poor thing you've been subjected to our rants on braaiing! Look forward to yours!

melissa, i never thought of myself as a foodie but now you made me realise how important it obviously is to me!
i'm sure i could also be an ambivalent sa patriot, we sure have enough skeletons in our closet, but we've gotta find that which we can be proud of right? can't wait for yours!

redframe said...

thanks dt, i am so ready for this rainy weather to f*** off? loooove my view. x

Anonymous said...


your blog rocks! everytime i check in, it gets better and better. you are really finding your groove and keeping me nailed, SOO proud!!!!


redframe said...

oh nightingale, you know i love you too! thank you thank you thank you... for your eternal support. x