Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I love it.
The teenage vampire chronicles?
The books, the movie, the ones still to come...
I shamelessly love it all.

Hot young things looking moody and abstaining till they're married.
What's not to love?

So I also have a slight girl crush on K.Stew.
She's so pretty.

With such great hair!

And apparently cool and not trying very hard to please anyone.

She values comfort over fashion!

And commits to the parts she plays with gusto.

Wow that's a make-under.
But to be fair it IS a great copy of Joan Jett's coiffure and general style.

So I guess it's all part of the method?

sunlit pics from vanity fair
others from those funny fuggirls

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

wedding envy

This lady's wedding, dress, photography and not to mention kick-ass attitude, leaves me speechless.
Did you see their video?

Congratulations Dana & Hunter, on the most fabulously fun wedding I've ever seen!