Thursday, December 18, 2008

too late to apologise?

Dear blog.

I am sorry that I haven't called or written in so long. I know the few pictures I sent you hardly count as a contribution.

Please understand that I am a newly-wed in love with my man and my newly-married life.

In the lead-up to the big day and the ensuing endless honeymoon-of-perfection there were so many little normal things left undone and some human friendships slightly neglected. Then there is the mountain of presents that generous guests need to be thanked for and since the registry did not perform its function in the least and unruly cards are wont to fall off presents, we first have to figure out who gave what and return the many multiples!

And now it is the holidays and Christmas is rapidly approaching and we're headed off up and down the coast to see all the lovely family members who made our wedding day such a fantastically wonderful experience.

So I hope you understand, and realise that I love you still and always will.

I will be back in the New Year, and I'll bore you to tears with all my wedding adventures. I'll upload so many photos that you'll want to block me and you'll beg me to move on from the wedding, eventually.

And then I will.

And then we'll be great friends once again.

So you have yourself a merry, blessed Festive Season and a banging New Year.

Love always,