Thursday, September 18, 2008

23. signal fire

Looking at my Picasa history, I kept real busy during those five never-ending weeks.
I attended three birthday parties – including Jewel’s 30th Disco Karaoke bash – you’d have to see the photos to believe it! I took my favourite chicas to a Pink concert, joined several Rugby World Cup viewings, supported Boy’s brother’s band at one of their gigs, went to a fashion show, a Spring Ball and a couple of girls nights. Was this the same girl who preferred spending Friday nights on the couch with terrible television? And usually Saturdays too? I guess you could say my inner social butterfly had truly been liberated, hurrah!

The day finally arrived. I was off! Off for five weeks in the US of A, where I’d never been. I was going to see the best Boy in the world, live it up in LA, try my luck in Vegas and then finally spend two whole weeks in New York City. The City. I was so excited I could hardly breathe!

At the airport I was waiting for my flight to board. There was music playing. I thought it quite strange, I’d never heard music at the airport before? Then an over familiar tune started up. Beautiful Boy had introduced me to Snow Patrol (I know, where had I been, under a rock?) and we loved loved loved Signal Fire. We’d listened to it in his car the night we didn’t kiss; we’d played it on our road trip. It was ‘our song’. (I’d never had an ‘our song’ before! Another sweet sentimental first!) And it was playing out loud in the international departures lounge as I started on my incredible journey. That was just the kind of ‘romantic movie’ life I was leading! You couldn’t make this sh*t up!

This was me, waiting for my flight. The shoes were a gift from the Beautiful Boy.


Alexis said...

I don't quite rememeber how I stumbled upon your blog but I have loved every minute of the journey and am ever so happy that you have found such love!
Patiently waiting for more of your fairytale

Guilty Secret said...

Oh I just love those 'you couldn't make this sh*t up' moments. I think we all get a few of those and they're just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hi, sexyredframe! I don't remember exactly how I came upon your blog either, but I love it! I wish everyone took this much time & care to tell their love stories every once in a while. It makes you remember why you're in it!
Anyways, I'm joining your new-to-blogging status, so I thought I'd say hi since I'll probably be seeing you around. I'm so happy for you and Beautiful Boy! :)

Anonymous said...

Aww . . . precious. And props to him for introducing you to Snow Patrol. They're one of my favorites. I like "Chasing Cars" a lot . . . that is my song with . . . well, one of the characters on my blog. :)


Hannah Noel said...

I agree with all of the above!

Jessica @ budgetsavvybride said...

I am so hooked to your story... tell me more!! :)

Charlie said...

It's a sign....

redframe said...

hi alexis thank you dear! and for you 'patiently waiting', others have threatened violence! hie hie.

gs, yes those are the best!

littlemiss, hello! i totally agree! people should tell their stories anyway they can, it refreshes our memories and makes it all new!

Em, love chasing cars too, love all their songs! But my end is this: "the perfect words never crossed my mind cause there was nothing in there but you". damn man.

Hannah & Jessica, welcome welcome and thank you!!!!

Charlie, gotta love it when the universe sends you signs! Loud and clear!