Monday, February 23, 2009

our wedding N: dance

The perfect words never crossed my mind
'Cause there was nothing in there but you
I felt every ounce of me, screaming out
But the sound was trapped deep in me

All I wanted just sped right past me
But I was rooted fast to the earth
I could be stuck here for a thousand years
Without your arms to drag me out

There you are, standing right in front of me
All this fear falls away, you leave me naked
Hold me close, 'cause I need you to guide me to safety

No, I don't wanna wait forever

In the confusion and the aftermath
You are my signal fire
The only resolution and the only joy
Is the faint spark of forgiveness in your eyes

There you are, standing right in front of me
All this fear falls away, you leave me naked
Hold me close, cause I need you to guide me to safety

No, I don't wanna wait forever

(Abbreviated lyrics to 'Signal Fire' by Snow Patrol)

When we just started seeing each other, Werner made me a mix tape (on CD of course) that I kept in my car. I listened to that one compilation for months and months, while he was here and we were road tripping all over the place making memories to last a lifetime. And then when he was away and all was confusion and the longing would hurt so much. Some days I couldn't bear hearing it, on others it was my life line.

'Signal Fire' in particular spoke to us, the soft sweet sadness of our beginning and his leaving, and then the fervent urgency to be together right now, forever.
If you don't know the song, you should give it a listen. It starts off so pretty, melodic, sweet and serene. Hearing it now takes me back to this moment, in a flash.

Yes, we are singing along to each other, even though we knew it would look cheesy and dumb. We couldn't resist.

And then the chorus rocks out with loud, urgent drums and frenzied guitar.

Hello Papillon, I didn't realise you were such a naughty, sheer number?

We actually went for one dance lesson... Can you tell?

Oh dear, I really do love acting out to songs... I think this is "No I don't want to wait forever".

Now, every last little wedding formality was done and dusted. We'd done it!

It was time to party.

Before long, Werner had had enough of the tie, and he was breaking it down.

This boy is a VERY enthusiastic dancer. I think it's hot.

Some find it shocking.

Others try to compete.

I just like this shot.

We're getting the video this week.

I can't wait!


Peonies and Polaroids said...

This is my favourite post from the whole wedding, I love it!

You two are ridiculously attractive. And my what a raunchy wedding dress you've got there!

Julia said...

looks like so much fun!!!!!! I can't WAIT for our dance after all the formalities.

Jess said...

Yah for Snow Patrol. What a great song.
The pictures of Werner dancing seriously made my day!

October12 said...

Lovely, lovely and... a little bit naughty! Didn't expect that.

agirl said...

Best part. Makes me want to do it all again!

po said...

Wow what amazing pictures!

Thanks for stopping by my blog by the way. I am still considering the broccoli...

Brunhilda said...

Oh my. It's like one of those paparazzi shots. I said - why hello sexy redframe's tush!

It looks like a great reception.

Being Brazen said...

All your wedding shots rock - Love how enthusiastic your man is about dancing - very fun shots!

Cate Subrosa said...

Hooray for video!

sunday best said...

lol! so much fun! shows off your dress so beautifully! love it! yay, you guys are so happy together after everything you went through! God bless! x

Anonymous said...

New to your BLOG and I love it:)
The pictures are soo amazing, you really do feel like you there!!!
Love the dress!!!!

gangsta bride said...

Love how he took off his tie to break it down- that's how you know its good!

Cyd said...

Do you two every stop being amazing? Marli + Werner = sensational!

Rumi said...

Aww looks like such a fun wedding!!

To answer your question, my tireless bf takes all my photos..I'm a lucky girl..


redframe said...

Aw thanks Peonies! I didn't even really look at the party pics at first, but now they're my faves too.

Julia, it is such a release after all the months spent organising! I loved it!

Jess, and unbelievably, Snow P are now coming to SA in April! We don't get many int'l acts out here so it's the best news ever. Guess who's going... Werner dancing makes my day every day, I wish you could see it in person!

Oct 12, yeah I probably shouldn't be posting them all over the show but it's really only an outline of a tush no? x

agirl, I hear ya. Hey, you are, aren't ya? Or will there be no raucous dancing this time?

Thanks po and welcome. And I promise about the broccoli!

He he Brunhilda, at least I was wearing panties though you can't tell... My tush says hi back!

BB, no really, he has a signature move, the white man dance, you need to see it to believe it!

Cate, we saw it yesterday and it is amaaaaaazing. Very similar in style to our photographs... Loooove it!

Sunday, yes it was quite a roller coaster ride to get to this point, and there's no signs of it slowing down, but we are blessed, blessed, blessed. Thank you!

Hey Polka Dotted Owl! Sorry to leave just when you arrived, lots of backlog to read and in the words of Arnie: I'll be back.

Gangsta bride, I was surprised it stayed on for so long!

Mwah Cyd, we felt pretty sensational on that dance floor!

Rumi, you are and he's a great photographer!!