Wednesday, February 18, 2009

our wedding K: just the two of us

I've said it a hundred times now, we love our wedding photographs! The portraits of just the two of us are no exception. Ian was super creative with the backgrounds available to us within one block of the hotel. It felt really quick and fun, locals were watching and cheering as far as we went and we did some slightly strange things...
I love the diversity of these pictures. We have everything from classically beautiful to interestingly artistic. And we remain very much Marli & Werner in every shot, nothing too posed or unnatural.

I love love love the muted colours of this one.
And also the vivid contrast in this! That shop really has two red chairs attached high up onto the wall, but I'll let you in on a secret: we weren't actually sitting on them.

I've always love wheat field landscapes, cheesy though it may be. Fortunately for me, Ian could make it look mean.
Or classic.

Or just plain pretty.

Right next to our 'wheat field' we had acres of really high vineyards.

This is the type of epic picture that made us fall in love with Ian's work.

Then there was some kissing to be done...

Ian had an idea for a paparazzi style shot, and told us to really 'go for it'.
Only too happy to oblige, Mr. Photographer.

And this is Werner actually putting the strap back up, not taking it off, promise.

I don't know what it is about this picture, and I could point out some things I don't appreciate about such an extreme close-up, but I'm totally in love with the image anyway.

Finally, the photograph where Ian said, this might feel weird and it might not work at all, but let's try it. I believe it's my favourite one of all.


Being Brazen said...

All i can say about your wedding photos is: WOW!!!

The photographer rocks.

Julia said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!! those shots should be in a wedding magazine (at the very least) - they're art!!! those are my favourites from all your wedding shots you've posted thus far. I'm in love with his work. Are you going to get a big one framed? you definitely should, they're so unusual.
I'll stop gushing now ;)

NotQuiteaBride said...

wow. just wow. I seriously cannot believe how incredible this photographer is! I have saved so many of your shots to show my photographer!!

Elizabeth said...

These might be some of my favorite wedding photos ever. They're beautiful.

Jess said...

You and Werner are the best looking couple. Like, of all time. Seriously.

Kimberly Julie said...

I love the one of him sliding your strap back on... so adorable and loving! These really are great! :)

Superficialgirl said...

So many different types of photos and all of them stunning!

London bride said...

Wow, wow, wow! Yet again your photos amaze me. Your photographer was amazing, but he also had some pretty good subjects to work with!

Color Me Green said...

agreed with everyone else - amazing photos! and how great that you were able to shoot in wheat fields AND vineyards AND street settings for such a wide range of photos!

Lisa D said...

Wow. You had an AMAZING photographer. I love them all. My fave is the one where you are walking towards the photographer & there is tons of light behind you. My other favorite is the one where Werner is putting your strap back up. Love them all, though!

Once A Bride said...

he really managed to capture your personalities, while maintaining the beauty of his artistic vision. you hit the bullseye with him!

Abbie said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your pics! The one on the wall is neat. Lots of sexy going on!

Ruby Slippers said...

This is Ruby Slippers, reporting from, in the city of I WANT YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS in the land of I HATE YOU JUST A TEEENSY BIT. :-)

No seriously, Wow wow! I adore them! The paparazzi ones are awesome (and I'm even more jealous of your dress now that I see the lovely fabric it has at the back) and the one you described as epic is gooorgeous. The chairs are fantastic! How did you get up there?

Now I want to redo my whole wedding in CT! Heheh.

Princess in Galoshes said...

You guys could have been in a magazine. These are some of the most beautiful wedding shots I've ever seen. Holy cow.

October12 said...

Beautiful-gorgeously-awesomeness. Wow.

This is not meant to sound strange, but I adore the photo that has Wener's hand on your backside. I love it when little things like that are caught, most people watch that while in front of a camera.

Micaela said...

OMG just GORGEOUS!!!! fabulous work!!! not that it wouldnt have been hard to capture beauty with you two ;) seriously!!! i love the sexy ones, with his hand on your legs! now those are the ones you're going to look back on when you're both grey :) lol I LOVE the one in the field with the wheat in front. looooove them all! SO HAPPY!

AmyJean said...

I swear you two could be models in a magazine... so hot, so romantic... so in love!


Cate Subrosa said...

Wow, it looks like you went on quite an adventure! Well worth it, what amazing shots.

agirl said...

Hellooooooo steamy!
Goodness me.

You two are hot. Nuff said.

Oh, and which magazine is your wedding going to be featured in exactly?

Flora said...

Ditto ditto and more ditto..
Flippin' brilliant photies.

Am so enjoying your wedding tale!

MIL said...

keep going girl, this makes for great reading. Get of your backside and put this together in a BOOK!!!

Hannah Noel said...

those pictures are so amazing and romantic!!
Loooove the ones where you are getting extra passionate ;)

Ilane@LoveLoveMeDo said...

Both of you are so photogenic! I love how your photographer captured the passion and the retro cast over some of the pictures. Gorgeous!

redframe said...

Thank you dears for your beautiful exclamations!

BB, he does indeed.

Julia, that's the next challenge. Deciding what to print & frame and how & where and we're still house hunting... (I think it's art too.)

Notquite, that's a GREAT compliment!

Elizabeth, wow thanks! It's hard to be objective. I just love them.

Jess, tee hee. I think it's the happiness we're wearing!

Kimberly J, one of my faves too!

Superficialgirl, I know right? Very versatile!

Londonbride, bless you, team effort hey?

Color me green, I hadn't even thought of that when we chose the venue!

Lisa, yep love the epic shots!

Once a bride, that's a great way to put it. I concur!

Abbie, now that you mention it, it is quite unusual to see sexiness in bridal photography which is actually odd? I know there's a time and place for everything but surely sensuality is allowed post vows? Ha ha.

Ruby, you make me laugh. Thanks for the complimentary envy, the offer to swop dresses to do housework in still stands and I also keep wanting a do-over in different circumstances!

THANK YOU Princess Galoshes!

October 12, I only see now how often his hand is on my bum! He sure ain't a shy boy that one. And apparently neither am I?

Micaela what a great thought, looking back to the sexy young thangs we were when we're all wrinkly & grey. Great sentiment!

Amyjean, blush blush thank you!

Cate, at the same time SA was playing England in the last Rugby Test of the season and as far as we went (some of those shots took place in people's backyards!) people were yelling out the score to us and kids came running up... Interesting times!

agirl, you know, just your regular wedding pics to send to Grandma to hang on her wall? Ha. I'd love to see it in a magazine, but hell it's all over the internets already! Maybe that's enough.

Thanks Flora, it feels completely self-indulgent sometimes so hearing that means a lot to me!

MIL, I'll talk to you later lady! Commenting on here, sheesh. :-)

Hannah & Ilane, thank you thank you!

Maresa Esmee Turner and Jonathan Smith said...

Thankyou so much for posting these beautiful photos! You look amazing. I have the same wedding dress as you (the wedding is 8th August this year) and I now feel so confident that I have chosen the right dress.