Monday, February 9, 2009

our wedding G: here she comes

I've mentioned a few times how blissfully calm I was on the wedding morning and how out of character it was for me. I still recall the slightly surreal feeling that seemed to envelop me. It was as if I was covered by a film of calm content, cushioning me against all angst, noise and fuss outside. I was fully present and aware of all the girls, the faffing, the flowers, the speeches and logistics that were discussed and completed and figured out, but I was floating through it all. BB called me once to ask where the menus were and I could tell that over at the venue things were quite frantic. It didn't phase me one bit. I guess I just truly realised that I couldn't do or control or change anything anymore, so I just let it be. And it was wonderful.

While floating around in my love bubble, I used the quiet moments in the make-up chair and breaks out on the balcony to think about the purpose of the day and the boy I was to wed.
I had zero reservations.
To a normally nervous, slightly cynical perfectionist, this in itself was and still is a miracle.
I was making the biggest choice of my life so far, and I had no fear, no worry, no care or concern.
I can only thank my Beautiful Boy for this, and God for making him the man that he is and seeing to it that we found each other. I can not find the words to express how exceptionally well we suit each other or how free and easy all of our interactions and communications are.

This man is the right man for me. The only one for me. I was so ready to find him, see him, promise him, love him, marry him.

We were early.
It was about ten to four when we were ready and waiting at the back end of the little walk street that was to be our aisle. So we sat in the car in front of a little general store for a while, Dad, the five girls and me. We were joking and giggling, people were staring and shouting out good wishes. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of this moment but the girls had all left their bags with cameras and things behind already.

I was eager and keen to just go anyway, but Ankia reminded me that our family is notoriously late for everything, so I should just give the guests a chance to arrive and be seated. Finally, I think it was still about two minutes to four, I decided I'd had enough of waiting and we were off and out the car. Ian came running down the walk street to catch the moment.

I think I'm pulling a face here because the best men were supposed to be on the lookout for us to cue the music, but they weren't looking our way. I'm sure they weren't expecting us yet, as BB was so convinced that I would be late! I don't know where he ever got it into his head that I'm a tardy person but since we put all my watches and clocks forward by five minutes, he seems happier...

We started our long walk, trying to go slowly and sedately. I just wanted us to be walking normally, informally and I think I recall telling the girls to chat and laugh and pretend it's all normal. Mmm, sure bride, it's your day!

How cute is the street with it's prettily coloured details? They sell farm fresh and organic produce and some local and handmade clothing and home items in five different stores.

It took my Dad and I a while to figure out the hooking through of my arm in his with the flowers inbetween and holding my dress to prevent the train from dragging on the paved stones. But we got there in the end.

All the guests were seated on the front porch of the hotel, so here they could see us coming down the road. Riebeek Kasteel is such a small town that we hardly even checked the road before crossing! We just strolled over as if we owned it. After a massive search and much debate regarding the processional music, we'd chosen Micheal Buble & Nelly Furtado's version of Quando. What, I hear you scream? No really, go listen to it. It's gorgeous!

I love this shot with the big black BMW in the background, makes the maids look like a mean body guard posse! There's a story (literally) behind the car too. In the week before the wedding, I was working at an office where I go once a month. My boss there was very excited to hear that I was getting married in Riebeek Kasteel, as she has a weekend home nearby. I joked and said that we're getting married on the porch anyway, so she could come and have a look. And then she did! There's another picture of the street with her skulking behind the BMW, caught in the act. I think it's so cute that she came to see me!

I love my big hair in this next pic. Just the kind of swingy, heavy hair I never usually have!

And then we were there, at the foot of the steps. My stepmom Celia is in the corner, holding a seat for my Dad.

Mom's applauding in the corner behind Celia and Dad doesn't look too sad to be letting me go!

He even shakes BB's hand to thank him for taking me off his hands!

I love the look on BB's face. All earnest and grateful and full of promises to take good care of me. What a honey.


AmyJean said...

Aww.. that town is so cute. I love the pics of the walk... and your hair is gorgeous... is that natural curl? I'm jealous! You look stunning and that last pic is priceless!

Emma said...

beautiful pictures - you look gorgeous and that town perfectly complements the whole look you were going for.
Personal question - what underwear did you wear under the dress? I'm contemplating buying the same one but am a little concerned about what the wear underneath!!

SandB said...

How you felt almost made me cry because it's so true, I certainly felt content, calm and happy. And you look content, and happy, and a wonderful bride and wife and woman. I'm so enjoying your recaps! LB x

Brunhilda said...

The scenery is beautiful. I love the colors.

Hannah Noel said...

So much fun :D

Broke-ass Bride said...

So picturesque and I'm just never getting over your beauty - you're such a gorgeous bride! I'll have to check that song out...

NotQuiteaBride said...

what a cool town, and a gorgeous little walk! You look gorgeous as usual. I can't wait to see the next installment!!

Ruby Slippers said...

Love it! I know what it's like to love your hair when it never usually does that! I can't get over how beautiful you look in your JP.

Mrs English nee Trini said...

The gorgeous smile on your face says it all lovely lady.

October12 said...

Processing through the street, how wonderful would that be?!

I think the song is a great choice, anything but Cannon in D (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Looking forward to what's next, I'm sure it will make me cry. This almost did.

Being Brazen said...

STUNNING pictures.

Rachel said...

fab photos. x

Rox said...

Great pictures, and love the small town vibe!

Kitty Cat said...

It's so sweet and lovely how you've broken up the day for us, and how you're sharing the photos. Very nice.

Cate Subrosa said...

I love the relaxed look of it all. Beautiful.

Being Brazen said...

I love so much pizza and from so many places. Pizza must be thin and crispy...and I dont like to mix my meats - so no chicken and Bacon together...etc

At the moment my favourite pizza ia actually the homemade pizza my friend makes. She makes a wicked wholewheat base - YUM :)

Jess said...

These pictures are beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Darrah said...

Very beautiful pictures! I love your blog!

Amanda said...

That is such a cute town to get married in. Everything you described is so beautiful, I can only hope that if I get married some day it will be that nice. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful pictures!


redframe said...

AmyJean, not natural curl and not (my) natural hair either! All Sebastine magic!

Emma, I wore a nude colour lacy brief and no bra. I'm a 75/34B and for my size the dress was supportive enough, in fact it gave quite a bit of a flattering push-up effect!

SandB, thanks girly, love yours too!

Brunhilda, it's such a photogenic town!

Hannah, more than you'll know... until it's your turn!

Broke-ass, thank you sweetie and you MUST listen to the song. I love it so so much.

Thanks Notquite! I'm enjoying the recaps so much more than I ever thought I would!

Bless you Ruby... And bless hair extentions. Man, it felt great.

Mrs English :-)

12 Oct, I know I was desperate for anything other than cannon in D, it's such a personal choice though. Bless.

BB, Rachel, Rox, Cate thank you! I'm so glad we decided on the casual country vibe. Think it helped a lot for my nerves!

Thanks Kitty Cat! I wasn't sure that I should but then I went ALL the way! Glad you enjoy it!

BB, pizza is about as personal as choosing your processional song! I had pizza the night after we were blogging back and forth about it - couldn't resist!

Jess, it's only a pleasure.

Darrah, then the feeling is mutual!

Amanda, thank you and I promise you that's one of the beauties of your wedding day: it can be whatever you want it to be! Especially with the advice of hundreds of glorious wedding blogs, you can achieve any look/feeling at any budget! x

Mimi said...

You dont know me, but as I fell in love with the same JP wedding dress, I was google browsing and came accros your blog!!
You look amazing in those pictures...
I cant wait to go to JP shop...