Tuesday, February 17, 2009

our wedding J: family portraits

When it came to styling the family portraits, we left everything over to Ian, as usual. We'd told him that we didn't want anything too stiff or formal, but then not too wacky or crazy either.
Once again Ian totally understood what we were after, and kept things quick and simple by taking us back to the walk street across the road from the hotel and lining us up against the wall!

I don't know whether it's purely Ian's magic or the fact that our families are just too damn cool, but these pics rock my world!

Werner's Ouma & Oupa: so cool!

The entire clan: Werner's siblings, parents and grandparents
[-1 Brother was writing exams in Japan so couldn't make it :-(]

My in-laws, how cute are they?

His parents, my parents and stepmom Celia. Love my Mom's expression.

All the siblings! Werner has 4 brothers (including the absent one) and a gorgeous little sister.
My handsome brother is second from the left and stunning sis is sitting on the chair.

The boys

And me...

Sisters yay!

And the best sisters pic. Doesn't she look just like us? Only more hair!

Then we scooted the family off, to hold fort at the party while we quickly got some fun pics with the maids and best men.

A Dynasty style shot of the bridal party:

Just hanging out in the street:

Okay fine, the boys can be in it too!

And here we said money... Or something else silly.

Thank you Ian!


Being Brazen said...

Love your photos. Not typical wedding shots - very cool!

London bride said...

I love your photos! So jealous!!! But so pleased for you too. You look like you have a wonderful family.

Julia said...

your family is ridiculously photogenic!! lovely pics, very well done!!

NotQuiteaBride said...

gorgeous! what a bunch of great looking people!

Jess said...

All your photos make me wish I was getting married in the near future, just so I could have photos like that...ha. Love them!

La vie est belle! said...

Awesome photos!!

Brunhilda said...

Okay - lovely pics, but I'd be kind of pissed at the dude checking his cell phone. Couldn't he just be in the moment?

I love the dynasty shot. And the contrast between the red and white striped chair and the green wall is awesome.

AmyJean said...

The pics are amazing...

Sylvie said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful,

Ilane@LoveLoveMeDo said...

I love the turquoise and red backdrop! Those are going to be my wedding colors!