Thursday, February 19, 2009

our wedding L: amphitheatre

While Werner and I were busy taking photographs, our guests waited in the amphitheatre at the bottom of the hotel's garden. They were served some delightful appetisers and as much sparkling wine as they could handle. We'd also set up a photo booth in the amphitheatre to amuse them while they waited.
We came back from taking pictures and, believing our guests to be well entertained, sneakily sat down in the reception area for a minute to catch our breath and have a bite to eat.
People kept coming past en route to the bathrooms and we'd tell them to pretend they hadn't seen us. It was such a nice, normal moment in between all the activity and excitement. While we were mostly just gobbling up basil-chicken-mayo crostini or washing down a strawberry-cream cheese bruschetta with some bubbly, we did share a very real, private moment of 'wow, we're married'!

I'd left the look of the photo booth entirely up to our capable florist / decorator. To be honest, when we spoke about a gold background, chaise lounge situation I was picturing a sumptuous Marie Antoinette style setup. What I got was a bit more Shaka Zulu, but that's fine too...

Here's a tip for future brides. A photo booth before plentiful alcohol is not nearly as much fun as one after plentiful alcohol. I thought my guests would be wacky interesting enough to create some crazy pics early on, but they were all disappointingly well-behaved!

Meanwhile Ian used the opportunity to snap some candid shots of our hyper photogenic guests.

Gorgeous Fashionista, aka Misi, the one who started it all. Mwah!

Then, finally, we were ready to arrive as Mr & Mrs. We came down the hill to the sound of "Can't take my eyes of you" by Frankie Valli and I was just happy, happy, happy. The party was about to start!

(sorry Ian, I've been messing with this picture...)

We'd been planning to sit in the front row of the amphitheatre seating, but when we got there I decided we'd take the chaise lounge instead. Front and centre!
Werner's siblings kicked off the proceedings with a short and very sweet toast to their parents. Fifteen year old Saskia stole the show with a heartfelt sentence delivered like a professional public speaker. The sentiment was "No one could ask for better parents than you, and I wouldn't."

Xander was pretty funny, but I'll have to see the video to remember what he said!
My brother Phil, order of events in hand at all times, was the MC.

Ankia toasted my parents. I need to hear that again too, but I remember her speech being very honest and true. No gross exaggerations or hyperbole. Just short, simple, stunning.

After the siblings, we had both the best men and two of my bridesmaids toasting Werner and I. Sadly the sun was setting and the wind was coming up, so we have no good pictures and it got quite chilly out there. I said a few words unprepared, I don't remember exactly what, except "I am loved and I am grateful". I cringe a little bit at having to watch it on video, but it felt right in the moment. After Werner's speech (of which I can recall nothing, how sad?) every last little formality was done and we could truly join the party as guests. Yay.


Elizabeth said...

You look like you had an amazing wedding day. Also, I left somethin' on my blog for ya'.

Being Brazen said...

great shots - looks like it was amazing. I hope my wedding is as cool one day :)

Cate Subrosa said...

Everyone looks so happy, it brought my own day flooding back :)

Jess said...

Everyone you know is just ridiculously good-looking! Love it!

Lisa D said...

That is awesome that you & Werner got some time alone before joining the party. A lot of my friends who have gotten married said they wished they had done that as they kept getting pulled in seperate directions.

It is so painful to watch yourself on film, but you'll be so glad you have that! I HATE even hearing my voice!!

London bride said...

Looks fabulous and happy and like everything a wedding is about!

Micaela said...

GORGEOUS!!! seriously, you had the wedding of my very dreams!!!

October12 said...

Super photogenic guests!

At least it is the speeches that you don't recall very well. I didn't remember what I said as my vows. Luckily, we got the video, and I wouldn't change a word.

Darrah said...

Wow, your wedding keeps getting better! Stop it! I like the idea of a photobooth, but you're right... what if people are lame? The point is to be silly!

Charis said...

Those pics are beautiful. And I just went to a wedding w/ a photo booth - what a great idea!

agirl said...

That's it. I'm booking myself a facial. Or a makeover. Or something. Stop it with all the exceptionally beautiful people already! ;)

Hayley said...

I love that you two took some time out for just the two of you before heading out to your guests....I wish we had done that, because it always feels so rushed.

Once again, awesome pics.

redframe said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I'll be over in a jiffy.

BB, I'm sure it will be you're such a fun, interesting chick!

Cate, isn't it great how the people you love all come together and just smile all the time on this one day? Fabulous.

Jess, I'll tell them you said so!

Lisa, I don't love my voice (and definitely not my profile) on camera either and I'm sure I'll cringe at times... but I still can't wait!

London bride, amen.

Micaela, aw you're sweet!

October 12, a friend sent us a video clip last week, she'd filmed the vows! So lovely & emotional to watch it again!!!

Thanks Darrah and like I said, just add more drinks before the booth! Sadly it was too dark later on... Digital cameras make up for it though and we have tons of hilarious dancing pics!

Charis, loved the booth, wish I'd spent more time organising it so it could've been available all night long!

agirl, hello pot calling the kettles beautiful!!!!

Thanks Hayley, that only happened due to us prioritising our stomachs over our guests! But it was a great little side-effect. x

A2Z Photo Booths LLC said...

Amazing! What awesome pictures - and I imagine your guests are just as normal as everyone just had a fabulous photographer!