Tuesday, February 3, 2009

our wedding E: my family

When we drew up our shot list for Ian, we kept it rather short and sweet and the groupings we really wanted were mostly to be photographed after the ceremony. I'd never even considered having some pics taken with my parents before the ceremony but suddenly Ian was there, we were all ready and there was a spare moment or two. My Mom was quickly bustled into the shot and we got these beautiful pics. What a bonus.

Ankia was obviously there too and looked absolutely stunning. I'm sorry we didn't get a pro pic of just me and her! But then that would've left only my brother out, which would've bothered me too. (Pedantic, me?)

I couldn't believe it was that time already when my Dad arrived. We're a big family of weepers and we were both worried that we were going to set each other off into sobs when we walked down the aisle. Meeting him beforehand was the best idea ever.

You can't see it in the pictures, but we had a quick little cry just when we saw each other, then we hugged and said that's enough now. I just love this series of images! The expression on Ankia's face is classic, grrr.

This picture makes me laugh because I have one so similar of when my Dad first saw me in my first formal gown, thirteen years before, with that same look on his face.

And my favourite of the lot.

I'd gone shopping with my brother and my Dad a month before the wedding. My Dad wouldn't believe us that he didn't have to wear a tie or jacket. I guess he's old school like that. He had his tie and jacket in the car, but it was such a warm day by now, I convinced him to stay cool and casual as he was.

My parents were divorced when I was fourteen, so having a picture with both of them in it is very rare. The last ones I had were taken exactly ten years before these, at my 21st birthday party.

When we recieved our photographs from Ian, all of these with my Mom and my Dad were the first ones I fell in love with. We look like us, not stiff or posed or unnatural and I feel so close to them when I think of how unconditionally they supported me all through life, but especially and surpringly when I made this hasty choice to marry my Beautiful Boy, whom they'd never even met. I guess they trusted in the way they'd raised me and in the person I'd become. I am so blessed.


Being Brazen said...

These pictures of you and your family are so stunning.

you look totally beautiful in your wedding dress (and your hair looks fab).

Cate Subrosa said...

Lovely shots. Your favourite one of you and your dad is my fave too. And your sister's dress is gorgeous!

NotQuiteaBride said...

amazing! I absolutely love how casual and comfortable everyone is. Please don't be surprised if you see a very similar wedding to your own after I get married next year!

You did exactly what I've always wanted to do-and inspired me to stick by my (non-matchy) beliefs!

Thank you!!!!

Julia said...

I love your sister's dress, and yours! the second photo of you and your mum is really beautiful. I love how natural these photos are.

Anonymous said...

I think this series of photos may be my favorite so far. I am sure the one's of you and your Beautiful Boy will be amazing, but your family makes me smile :)

Mrs English nee Trini said...

Oh you lovely woman!
Love these photos.
I missed such a trick at my own wedding, but my little family of 3 has a million photos of the three of us, so it seemed like it wasn't necessary at the time.
I can see where you get your looks though. :)

Cassandra said...

They are definitely stunning photos! What a beautiful bride... Having photos with my parents has become more and more important to me as I grow older... I think I've started to realize that time is fleeting...

Lisa D said...

Those pictures give me chills. My fave is the one where you have your arms around each other & he has that awe-struck look on his face. Just gorgeous.

Your sister's dress is gorgeous! I love how much you guys resemble each other!!

Ruby Slippers said...

How cute is your Dad! Love him! And you all look so beautiful. Sigh. Everytime I see a gorgeous wedding I wish mine looked like that. Which is dumb because I loved my wedding, really! It's just the grass is greener at the other wedding syndrome :-)

Rox said...

Gorgeous pictures indeed - such a casual elegance... really stunning!

Jess said...

I love the pictures of you and your Dad! So sweet and so relaxed.

Krystal said...

yourrrr dress is gorgeous!

Southern Bride To Be said...

Those are gorgeous photos!

AmyJean said...

OMG. Are you a model family? Sheesh... you make ordinary people look... well ordinary! You and your family are simply gorgeous! :)

Hannah Noel said...

Girl, I cannot get over how beautiful you look in these pictures. You need to send your wedding pictures to a magazine, cause I guarantee they would be published!!

They are so sweet, genuine and natural! Lucky, lucky girl!

Jessica @ budgetsavvybride said...

you guys are a good looking fam! seriously- you guys look cool as cucumbers- so relaxed and carefree and happy! :) and i LOOOOVE your hair. Super chic!

Charlie said...

Those family photos are so beautiful. Your dress is AMAZING!

Kitty Cat said...

Love your dress and hair and everyone looks lovely.

Superficialgirl said...

You look so pretty! Cant wait for my wedding one day! :)

Being Brazen said...

I also looked at the FU Penguin site yesterday and laughed sooo much. I tried to explain it to my Boyf and he looked at me like i was crazy. I guess its hard to explain.LOL

redframe said...

BB, thanks thanks & thanks!

Cate, I know, oh Dad you're so cute! And isn't sis too grown-up in that dress? Swoon.

Not quite, it's all my pleasure and I'd be too flattered and happy to see another laid-back bride's own non-matchey wedding next year! Do what you love, it's simple.

Thanks Julia, that's what I like too!

Mrs S, that's so great! They make me smile too, and laugh more likely than not...

Mrs E, yeah we're all kind of clones right? Aw, a little family of 3 sounds so intimate and special. Lucky you. (Your parents look fantastic... a serenade, the outfits, the smiles? Fabulous!)

Cassandra, I guess that's it. We get over our issues and realise if it weren't for them, we wouldn't be here!

Ruby, I think that's completely normal. I also see many many little things and elements of other weddings that I envy! It's all good!

Thank you Rox, casual elegance is a beautiful description!

Jess, my dad is the cutest!

Thanks Krystal & Southern Bride, I think so too!

Amyjean, ha ha I'll have to tell them! You're sweet.

Thanks Hannah, trust me, between facebook and wedsite and blog, I sure am getting the pics out there in the world!

Cheers Jess, I'd never even wondered what we'd all feel like on the day, but I believe the bride's state sets a good tone! And I felt wonderful. My hair never looked so good. (Secret: it's mostly temporary extentions!)

Charlie, that dress, oh that dress. It's something else I'll tell ya!

Thanks Kitty Cat & superficialgirl.

BB, I'm going back there right now! Husband also thought I was losing it, I got quite hysterical!

CeeCee said...

First - your sister's dress is fabulous, she looked hot.
Second - is it possible for you to have looked anymore beautiful? I think not!
Third - The photos of you are your parents are great, I love the last one where you are laughing.

east side bride said...

I love the dad pictures.

My dad and set each other off crying about four times on the day. (In a good way.)

redframe said...

cee cee, 1: I know gorgeous right? 2: aw bless you, thanks! 3: me too, thank you!

east side, dad ones are my faves. i actually still can't believe we made it through without bawling... you and your dad obviously have such a special bond, how precious?

MICHELLE.K said...

Wow these pictures are so beautiful. Your so stunning and gorgeous. Lucky you eh. A nice small wedding is just perfection.