Monday, February 2, 2009

guess what? i'm absolutely fabulous!

I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. I just found this little time-waster via this newly discovered and enjoyed blog. And they told me my style is:


There's no such thing as OTT in your book: why settle for average when you can have full-blown, va-va-voom GORGEOUS? In some homes, the result is a riot of carte blanche camp, but expressed more subtly, the glamorous look can be the dernier cri of sophisticated city living. It's all a question of how you combine colour and texture with attitude even if, secretly, you know that sometimes less is often more!

Now who wouldn't like to hear that? And in my dreams, it is all true. Yay for finding fun home stuff to do... It's the next level for me!


Being Brazen said...


Im going to go and do mine now :)

Lisa D said...

Oo, fun! I am "City Sophisticate".


just stumbled across your blog. you looked so radiant on your wedding day : ) your photographer did an awesome job!!

redframe said...

BB, so what were you?!

Lisa, cool! My hubs did it and he's style is 'gentleman's club' - no big surprises there!

Atlanta, hi & welcome! Thank you for the compliment and I honestly give all the credit to our photographer Ian Mitchinson! x