Thursday, November 6, 2008

the wedding: to-do list right now

I am a spoilt brat.
My life is just about as wonderful as anyone has a right to expect and yet I'm lazy and lethargic when I face my to-do list for the next sixteen days... This is compounded by the fact that I wanted all of this done before 1 November! Lovely bridesmaids and friends are arriving from all over the globe as we speak and I wanted to be free to spend as much time with them as possible!
Alas, it still remains to be done.

Dress: Fetch from BB's Grandmother
Shop for Underwear
Check Bridesmaids Accessories: Monday 17th
Confirm Best Men Outfits
Hotel: Book Friday night
Pay Saturday night & Food deposit
Okasie: Get final quote & pay
Dancefloor: Lighting organise pick-up and drop-off
Wine: Choose and order white
Photography: Venue scout Thursday 13th
Finalise Shot List
Memorise Vows
Create Play by play
Create Bridal Party / Ushers’ to-do-lists
Create Supplier Instructions
Music: Finalise 3 Play Lists
Check Equipment
Check Veranda & Amphitheatre Sound
Cupcakes: Charly’s Bakery?
Denise Delights: Janine?
Cake stands?
Accommodation: Allocate Twin Rooms vs Double Rooms

I know, I know, there isn't that much to do, most of it is fun and Peonies can not believe that I haven't yet sorted or even investigated the cake situation.
I haven't. I thought I'd just buy some (very delicious) supermarket cupcakes and put them on plates. What can I say, I'm not a big cake person?
But now I'm on a mission to find one hundred 1. delicious 2. affordable 3. beautiful cupcakes to be ready for consumption on 22 November. Plus some gorgeous, individual, bargain cake stands to place them upon on said date. Should be a piece of cake, right? Wish me luck.

Hopefully this is just part of the come-down from the best birthday ever in the whole world? More positive, upbeat, excited post to follow tomorrow, promise. x


Being Brazen said...

hey redframe,

Ive heard of this new business called "whimsical cupcakes" - you can call Natalie on 082 408 5739.


NotQuiteaBride said...

look at you, commenting on my page, and not even knowing that my BF, hopefully soon to be FIANCE is from CAPE TOWN!!!

CeeCee said...

Pleased to hear you had such a good birthday.

Good luck with getting all your chores done. If you were here in NY I would say get your butt to Crumbs or Magnolia for cupcakes, I don't think they would travel all the way to Cape Town so well!

Lisa D said...

That's a big to do list, but you can totally accomplish it all! No worries on the cupcakes - you'll figure it out. There was a good 'diy' cupcake tower thingy on the style me pretty blog recently - maybe you could check that out?

Good luck working your way through that list! If friends offer to help - take them up on it! And don't feel guilty - they wouldn't offer unless they really wanted to help! :)

Jamie said...

Just want to say I love your blog....having just joined the 'married' club myself, I'm sure you can get all of your tasks finished...and if not before the bridal party arrives, with them!

The Cwtch said...

Fear not, you will get it all done and everything will get sorted out ...

If I lived in South Africa I would happily make your cupcakes!! They are my speciality ( But I am sure there are many fabulous cake makers where you are who will make you somethig beautiful and delicious! If you can find a design you like any cake maker worth their salt should be able to copy it... PS a very Happy Birthday for yesterday!

Guilty Secret said...

You know what? You'll get there and it will all get done. I know, because I'm there, and it's all done. I never thought it would be, but it is. Wow.

So glad you had such a lovely birthday. Good luck with the cupcakes!

Abbie said...

We're thinking of doing a presentation cake for 50 people and then cheesecake and pies on vintage cake stands as well. Not everyone loves cake. I can't remember the last time I had it!

Jules said...

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement on my blog. When I thought of having cakes as table centerpieces, I investigated cake plates, and couldn't find nice, inexpensive ones. But, you can make them out of a plate and a cup. Check out this link:
Hang in there! And know that your internet wedding sisters are with you in spirit.

Carol said...

There's a cupcake place in Cape Town called cupcakekitchen.coza.
I don't know how good they are though.
I have a cupcake stand which you could borrow (CT) Its really beautiful but will only hold about 50 cupcakes.

Carol said...

Hannah Noel said...

Wow that looks like a long list to me! My list is too intimidating to write down right now!! lol

An Atlanta Bride said...

I would be in freak out mode! You seem to be pretty composed. More power to you!

BB said...

goooooood morning!

Its a beautiful day in Cape Town, and the to-do list was shortened by some intensive hard work late into last night.

For those of you that think that redframe is pretty composed - she is, if you can call a self-contained nervous breakdown composed!

you guys have all been a great help though, and i think this blog has really helped her through all the planning and preparation stages.

To all you followers and readers and commenters - thank you!

In just two weeks and one day I will be married to the girl of my dreams, and I can't wait for the next installments on our life-journey together!

Be warned: tropical destinations on the other side of the world tend not to have comprehensive internet coverage, and besides, I don't know if redframe will have time to update you all while we are on honeymoon. (believe me, I'm going to keep her busy - use your imagination as to how you think I'm going to achieve that!)

redframe said...

Brazen, goodness there's a whole storm brewing around "whimsical", check out Mmm...

Notquite, hi there! I replied on yours!

Oh Ceecee don't you dare flaunt your proximity to Magnolia in my sad little face! But thanks, I will get it all done eventually.

Lisa D, thanks for the tip I'll track it down and MUST LEARN TO DELEGATE / ACCEPT HELP!

Jamie thanks, as above, I always forget that the bridal party wants to be a help not hindrance! Maybe it's the word 'party' in there that confuses me! Congrats on your marriage!

Thanks cwtch, I know I know. I have an appointment for monday and will do a drive-by another bakery today... I think at this point we'll just stick to simply pretty. Your cakes are too beautiful to be consumed!!!

Thank you GS! And oh goodness, enjoy tomorrow so so so much. I guess if you got there, I shall get there too. Happy wedding darling!

Abbie, that's so clever. I did want that originally but the idea fell by the wayside... So they shall have only cake!!! And like it too.

Jules, it's always a pleasure, thank you for the link and the net-support! Much appreciated!

Carol you are such a honey, I'm seeing the places you recommended and if I'm really still stuck for a stand in a week I might just contact you!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Hannah, you're not supposed to say that to me now! You're supposed to say it's nothing! Hie hie. I swore I'd be done before November but here I am. Get the small stuff out the way honey!

Atlanta, see above! Don't make it worse? Hie. Luckily I learnt in May with the whole passport debacle that freaking out is not very productive. You live, you learn!

BB, you don't have to brag to all the girls about all the SHOPPING, SIGHTSEEING and SWIMMING you have planned for me?!?!?! Tut tut.

ansie said...

Hou van daai foto in wit en swart waar julle ingedruk staan agv die reen... jy lyk iets na Sophia Loren!