Monday, November 3, 2008

the wedding: make-up

All brides have their own priorities and private excitements when it comes to wedding fluff. You know the stuff that’s completely separate from the fact that you are making a sacred vow in front of God and all the people you care about to remain with one person for life, to love, honour and cherish them and make them banana milkshakes, or whatever? So my favourite fluff is: 1. My dress. 2. The bridesmaids and their outfits. 3. The hair and make-up. 4. The groom and groomsmen outfits. In other words, the fashion. This explains why the dress search turned into such a palaver, and why the following post constitutes my first rant.

I am in the fortunate position of knowing many professional make-up artists in Cape Town, so you’d think finding someone to prettify me on my wedding day would be a cinch. Ha, not so. You see, firstly, November is high season in the modelling industry in Cape Town, which means most fashion make-up artists don’t really do weddings at this time. I totally understand this, as I wouldn’t expect any freelance professional to give up the potential earnings of a five-day catalogue or advertising shoot in exchange for one day’s wedding rate. Secondly, a few of these fabulous face creators are my friends, so if they aren't invited to the wedding, I feel bad asking them work for me and if they are, I’d rather have them enjoy the day as guests.

Then in June I remembered SuperStylish, a friend of a friend (who happens to be my Ex’s best friend’s wife… complicated) who happens to be a brilliant make-up artist and adequate hair stylist. I had booked her for Jewel’s wedding last year and she did a fabulous job on both our faces. SS and I were more like acquaintances, never friends and her relation to my Ex is rather far removed so I was sure it would work out just fine.
I asked her and she replied so enthusiastically, saying she’d be honoured and I was happy as a clam. Then she also volunteered a friend of hers to do the bridesmaids’ make-up. The Friend owed her a favour and was going to drive with her and she was asking very little as payment. I was overjoyed.

In the mean time I saw SS a couple of times at the (Big Name) make-up store where she works. I always went to her when I wanted to treat myself to a little something and even took Nightingale there for a makeover for her birthday. I was excited and looking forward to my trial at the end of October.

Then came 18 September, and with it a message in my Facebook inbox. “Bad news and good news, I can’t do your make-up anymore but will recommend someone else at the same price” was the gist of it. At first I was calm and disbelieving, then it sank in and I was hurt and furious. It was two months before my wedding, two months before the height of modelling AND wedding season, and my “friend”/make-up artist/hair stylist just dropped me. She said that a closer friend of hers was now also getting married in November and as she would also be a guest at that wedding, she’d rather do the closer friend’s make-up. Working in retail, she’s not allowed more than one weekend off per month.

I had complete respect and sympathy for her plight, but this was surely not acceptable? I composed myself before I wrote back. Then I told her how very upset I was, that it was quite late in the day for her to be doing this and that I’d chosen her for various reasons; any old “recommendation” of hers would not do. (Argh, just reading through our mails of that time for reference is making me mad…)
She replied then that she was really sorry, she hadn’t thought of it from my perspective and had assumed that as I know so many make-up artists, it wouldn’t be an issue. She offered to try and take unpaid leave on my Saturday and all could go back to the original plan.

I thanked her and said I’d be ever so grateful, i.e. “It’s the fricking least you can do”! At this stage I was so sad and deflated, I wasn’t even sure I wanted her there on the day? Like a good little trooper I awaited her response, and days later she mails again, “Sorry, I’ve tried everything but I can’t help you out any more”. I cried out of frustration.

A little later I realised time was ticking and I’d better find someone else. I checked out the few girls she'd referred me to. I wasn’t blown away by any of them, they all do a classic “wedding face” and all their brides look the same. Blah. I got a quote from one or two and they were all charging quite a bit more than SS. So much for “at the same price”.
I left it and left it and couldn’t decide what to do. I tried a few fashion artists but as I’d suspected, they were already booked out on wedding / fashion shoots or not available for weddings.

One particularly lovely girl, Coolest, was genuinely shocked at the way SS had treated me, and as she was already booked for a wedding on my day, did her best to recommend other fab girls. I just couldn’t even feign interest. I was completely demotivated and disillusioned. I thought I’d just do it myself. Then Coolest mailed me again one day to see if I had found someone. “No,” I replied. “I can’t be bothered.” Coolest: “Here’s a funny thing. My bride on your day had her wedding cancelled. It’s actually quite sad, the groom broke it off. But it means I’m now available, should you still be interested.”

I know it’s terribly, horribly selfish and unkind of me, but I nearly jumped up and down for joy. Look, if that groom was leaving his bride a month before the wedding he’s no good for her anyway, right? She’s much better off without him, she dodged a bullet. AND I GET TO HAVE A FANTASTIC MAKE-UP ARTIST WHO’S EVEN BETTER THAN SS, AND WHOM I ACTUALLY KNOW, LIKE AND ADMIRE.
Sorry, was I shouting? I’m just really thrilled.

So we had the trial yesterday.


After several serious acts of magic and illusion:

And then we tested ‘the do’ over copious amounts of G&T’s and me shaking my head around every now and then. To simulate dancing, obviously.

AND she's going to do all five my bridesmaids' faces, just because she's fantastically driven and organised and capable and professional that way and she can, and she's a doll.

I heart Sebastine Pepler.


~abi~ said...

one word: gorgeous! :)

Being Brazen said...

you look absolutely beautiful. your make up artist did a great job and its not over done at all.

Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

Absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous. You are beaaautiful and she did a great job of bringing out your best features. Your skin looks amazing. Yay for things working out!

redframe said...

abi, one word: magician! thanks!

brazen, she's great right? even better than her website appears. nice & natural, I like! thank you!

amy, thank you! she is fantastic with skin... can't explain how relieved I am to have found her!

tkc 16 said...

you look great and i'm so glad everything worked out for you.

Being Brazen said...

Reframe - yes, very natural looking. I personally dont like it when the make up looks too "done". yours really looks fabulous.

From the photo looks like you went to Long Street maybe?

Have a good one.

Kitty Cat said...

So you see how it all works out in the end? I have to say, you look just a gorgeous even before the make up! You don't need much help in the beauty department! And I love the hair, very similar to what I originally wanted for my wedding. You'll make his heart stop for sure!

Guilty Secret said...

Wow, you look amazing! It's absolutely perfect.

Eek, 19 days!

Cassandra Allen said...

Oh pretty pretty girl, what perfect make-up(and hair). You look divine.

Tea and Adventures said...

You look amazingly gorgeous! So glad it all worked out. And that's exactly how I was thinking of having my hair, which is weird, considering we have the same dress too!

The Cwtch said...

Hooray for the lovely make-up lady! Boo to the rubbish one! You look gorgeous!! Beautiful makeup and beautiful hair!

Rachel said...

That is infuriating, I can't believe some people. But I think you are better off without her. I think the look from the other artist is fab.

I am getting a good friend of mine to do the make-up (luckily she happens to be a make-up artist!)

Rachel said...

That is infuriating, I can't believe some people. But I think you are better off without her. I think the look from the other artist is fab.

I am getting a good friend of mine to do the make-up (luckily she happens to be a make-up artist!)

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Good lord, you're depressingly gorgeous aren't you?! I'm so glad that you found someone great to work with, what a relief.

I'm dying to know what happened with The Dress in the end??

And I want to see the Sexy Red Frames!

bekapaige said...

Damn! Hot stuff. I'm so jealous of you finding such a great makeup artist, my search has yielded very unsatisfactory results. What drama to go through to get her thought!

Lisa D said...

OMG - gorgeous! Seriously one of the best make up jobs I've seen - you look so natural, but amped up if that makes sense! I am happy that this worked out for you!!

Hannah Noel said...

With or without makeup, you are absolutely gorgeous! I wish I was a natural beauty like you! I have to put on lots of makeup lol.

October12 said...

WOW, I mean, really. Gorgeous without makeup, absolutely ethereal with.

Glad it all worked out. I have to tell the story of my two hour late hairstylist. Made the morning of a little stressful for me.

Abbie said...

I'm so happy that it all worked out for you. I can't imagine how frantic I'd be two months before my wedding... especially as I know no one here that's a make-up artist.

The make-up came out beautifully! Yay that she's doing your maids, too! That's awesome.

Anonymous said...

that is such a great story.

i love how things just work out the way they are supposed to. it seems that is the theme to this love story of yours! INSPIRING!

Also: yes, where are these "sexy red frames" we are so intrigued to see!?

you look beautiful and i'm so excited for your big day.

IT'S SO SOON! Eeeeeee!!!!!

Kimberly Julie said...

Woowwww... You look absolutely stunning! I bet you can't wait to see BB at the end of that aisle, especially with you looking so beauuuutiful! ;)

Jest said...

Wow, you look great!
I just wanted to stop by and thank you for the comment/suggestion on my blog. It makes sense to try and find similar themed blogs to comment, if you have any suggestions, let me know. That would be great!!
I'll come back and check your's out too! It sounds like a good one!

Anonymous said...

W.O.W! Ditto to what everyone before me said! You look absolutely GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING...I need a thesaurus or something! BB is one lucky guy...he is going to be stunned when he sees you for the first time on your big day!

Cassandra Allen said...

Ha ha funny how that happens. I too imagined you were strawberry blonde for some reason, until you posted the first photos of you and BB. I have a little photo on my folio site, if you go to "bio" and you can see it's true.

redframe said...

Thank all of you for your wild compliments... I am already half made-up in the first pic you know!

Brazen, it was Main Road Sea Point actually!

Tea, I guess we might've been inspired by the JP advertising pics? I like the hair even better when it loosens and gets messy!

Peonies & glowstogreen, I've been feeling bad about the absence of my srframes in my pics... I honestly am bespectacled most days, but the vanity still makes me revert to contacts for "important pictures". I still wanted to get a srf one at the e-shoot but it was over so quickly! I'm determined to have some at the wedding though.

Beka, good luck! Go on intuition and personal feeling, it never fails me!

Hannah, you silly girl. Your creamy skin and pretty features are so obvious in your e-pics! Not to mention those gorgeous curls? You're beautiful!

October 12, two hours?!?! Gotta hear that!

Welcome Jest! You just have to read and check links and read some more to find your kind of blog!

Cassandra, in my next life I WILL be strawberry blonde! Will check you out. x

Being Brazen said...

redframe -lol..oh , cool. i actually live in Sea Point.

Cyd said...

Darling, "magician" or no magician, you are still an absolute knockout. With that said, I think the hair and makeup are absolutely part fashionista, one part romantic, which is really rather perfect for you, no?

Flora said...

Gosh,don't ya just love it when things like that happen- athough obvy we hope the other bride has avoided a life of pain and misery of being married to the wrong guy with mimnimal heartache!

Good make up artists are worth their weight in gold! I wanted to make mine my new best friend,I loved her so!

Beautiful,natural,sunkissed look.

redframe said...

Cyd, you have no idea how perfectly your little description sums up how I wanted it to look, you've really made my day now!

Flora, yes they are... And I'm working on making Sebastine my BFF. Plying her with wine and compliments, hope it works out!