Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the wedding: super quick update!

Hello blogosphere, how I miss you!
Sorry it's been so long?
BB is snoring cutely upstairs and I finally have half an hour to myself so here I am, forgive my absence!

The past week has just flown by in a blur of happy activity.

I had my hen night, the best night out of my life, it was fantastic. Embarrassing pictures later!

And then so many of our friends who live far away have arrived in town and now it's daily breakfasts and shopping and lunches and wine tours and sun-downers and dinners and on and on and on...

BB and I really miss our copious amounts of alone-time together, but also realise that there will be years and years for that, so we're living it up and absolutely adoring having so many fabulous people gathered for this celebration of ours.

Monday night I finally had all my bridesmaids together in their entirely individual black dresses and they looked so uber-stylish and drop dead gorgeous, every one of them, it was too exciting!

Arrangements have moved along steadily enough, hiccups and surprises galore but I've just been in the most zen-like state of calm, peace and pure joy, nothing gets me under.
I thank the wedding gods for this state of grace, I swear I'm not even on the Calmettes (yet!). I actually think it's from reading on so many blogs how important it is to maintain focus on the true priorities of the day and not sweat the small useless stuff you can't control anyway? Either way, it's working like a charm and I am an ecstatic bride-to-be!

Things that went wrong:
Darling photographer cancelled our venue recce, was not impressed but it will be fine, he'll come early and do it on the day.
Dear friend of BB's brought an extra guest to stay, unannounced... Long story but we're coping well.
Dear family member of BB's has to go in for a hip operation today and won't make it to the wedding. (Best of luck and strength to her!)
2 Good friends' parents home was flooded in storms last week and they missed the hen night :-(
Storms last week! Crazy, heavy rain and insane winds... If my wedding was last weekend I just can't imagine how it would've been!

Things that are going right:
Weather forecast for Saturday looks just perfectly balmy, slight breeze, bit of cloud... exactly what I ordered!
My dress fits like a comfortable glove. An unbelievably beautiful, glamorous, ethereal, feminine glove.
My bridesmaids look amazing and have been getting on great.
Our lovely guests are making it such a fun week for us.

I can not wait to marry my man.
My man, my man, my man.
What a good man.
I love him!
To pieces.

And here's just a sneak peek of some little sentimental pretties that might feature on Saturday!

I can't wait.



Abbie said...

Yay, yay, yay! It's so good to hear thing are going well (primarily)! Can't wait for the official recap when the time comes. Have an amazing week!

Broke-ass Bride said...

You're doing so well! I can't wait to see it all together. You'll be so gorgeous!

The Cwtch said...

Oh it all sounds so exciting!!! Have a fabulous week enjoying the company of your visitors and putting the final touches to things! Wishing you sunshine and fun and beautiful romance for Saturday!

Hannah Noel said...

Ahhh I'm sooo excited for you!!

Cyd said...

Have I mentioned lately how super excited/happy/ecstatic I am for you?! And I am equally excited/happy/ecstatic to get to see the photos of this magical day you're about experience! Between you and Guilty, I hope I can keep it as calm, cool and collected in my final days...such an inspiration!

Thanks for the smile tonight!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

I've missed you! I can't wait to hear all about it soon!

Cassandra Allen said...

Happy morning for me...sipping hot tea and reading your latest posts, missed you!

Kitty Cat said...

Wishing you all the very best! Hope it's the best day ever!

EliandMe said...

So pleased you managed to steal a moment to post! You sound like you are totally on top of everything and having a whale of a time... which is everything a girl could want in the lead up to the wedding. I can't wait to see the pictures, much love to you and the beautiful boy x

Tea said...

How exciting!! So so glad that you are having a fantastic run-up to the wedding and that it is all going well. Looking forward to reading all about it and seeing lots of beautiful photos. I hope Saturday is exactly as you've dreamed it being.

(P.S - have given into the whole wedding blog thing myself! Once life is calmer post-wedding, come and say hi!)

Sezzy said...

Good luck! Your story has been nothing short of inspiring and you deserve nothing short of awesomeness this week!

Lisa D said...

We miss you & your updates but know you are super duper busy getting ready for your big day! I am sure it will be fabulous!!! Can't wait for all the details!

bekapaige said...

I can NOT believe how close you are! I'm so glad you're enjoying your time with everyone, I can't wait to hear how it all turns out!

Be loved and happy on Saturday.

Ashley said...

I will be thinking about you on Saturday...things are crazy here too. I can't believe it is almost Nov. 22 - that date has always seemed so far away!

Kimberly Julie said...

oh my goodness! i cannot believe it is SATURDAY! ah! it feels like only yesterday i was reading about how the two of you fell in love... awww. :)

Anonymous said...

Go girl go!!!!!!

a london bride said...

This just makes me so happy, to hear you are enjoying it so much! I hope to take on your words of wisdom when my turn comes about. Hope the next few days are just as amazing as the last. And I also cannot wait to see pictures and hear all about your amazing wedding! LB x

Being Brazen said...

Oh my goodness, how exciting....

Im soooo excited for you....it will be perfect, im sure

Cant wait to see pictures :)

*big hugs*

Heather from the bar said...

Those shoes are gorgeous! I am so glad that (most) things are going well! So exciting!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it's here! So exciting!!

babypicturethis said...

Red, it's so exciting! Can't wait to hear al about it, have a ball!!!