Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the wedding: groom’s outfit


Guilty’s groom Baddie looks so hot in his wedding get-up, even without a head! BB’s look has been coming together quickly now, for which I’m ever so grateful. The man has style and good taste, obviously, but he was so adamant that he won’t wear a tie (of any sort or description) or a suit, and I was worried my dress would look OTT next to his casual cool self.

The tie story, BB owns two. Both are thin, cotton stripy ones that came with striped shirts in the same fabric and you wear the tie loosely. It’s kind of like an anti-tie. So even in his corporate business management line of work, this man refuses to be noosed. How can I then tell him he has to wear a long thin piece of fabric around his neck on our wedding day? I wouldn’t dare. Well, I just don’t care enough for ties.

So I was picturing something like this, and quite liked it.

Okay then I got completely side-tracked looking for my favourite famous hotties in suits without ties…

If only it wasn’t so hot, could I talk BB into a velvet suit?

Or wrap him up in a chic little scarf?

Then my darling BB dropped the interesting tit-bit that he’s also not really feeling a suit either. None of this bothered me in my initial country casual state of mind, but by the time I’d ordered my elaborately glamorous dress and the bridesmaids had gone shopping for black, I was wondering how this would pan out.

We thought about what BB likes to wear out to smart dinners and it’s usually a T-shirt with a smart pinstripe jacket. While I love him in this look, I really didn’t want to be standing at the altar in my fantabulous dress and he’s next to me in a T-shirt? A modicum of formal etiquette should be observed, we thought.

So BB will look something like these dashing men above, except we got him a crazy print shirt and he’s wearing his darkest navy blue Diesels. And grey shoes. And he’ll be a cool, suave rock star. With a wild floral shirt. Sigh, my Beautiful Boy. He is an original.

PS. I'm not going to get political or anything on this momentous day in US history, but this man rocks the no-tie look too:



Being Brazen said...

thats cool - you are going to let your man do his own unique look. Some guys just dont dig the suit thing.

Post a picture of the shirt you got BB. Im curious to see :)

Hollywood Tai Tai said...

ooh, i like the suit and no tie look. my guy is traditional though.

i am sure you two are going to look fabulous! I can picture it in my mind already!

Guilty Secret said...

Could I have loved this post any more?

First up, some link love. And you said how hot my almost-husband is. (Four days out, I'm done with fiancé. He's almost-husband now.)

Then, the hotness. Who is that first guy, the model? Ouch, I think I burnt myself looking at him too long.

And then, getting better, a decision I absolutely love. BB is going to be himself! Hooray!

And finally, some Obama love. A tie-less Obama.


Blogging perfection!

redframe said...

Brazen, exactly. I wasn't going to let him tell me what my dress should look like, so how can I tell him? I was thinking to get a shot of the print at the least, will work on it now! We were at the new(ish?) Primi!

Hollywood, well on that model it certainly gets my vote! Yeah, I'm just happy that he's excited about his outfit. Once we got the crazy shirt he was totally into it!

Guilty, bless* you! I just told Nightingale over coffee that today's post is one of my favourites ever. Don't know who the ridiculously good-looking model is, maybe it's better that way? I'm also ecstatic that BB will be himself. Though if he wanted to be Jonathan Rhys Meyers for the day, that would be good too. Just kidding BB!

Being Brazen said...

I tagged you in my post today :)

Being Brazen said...

I havent been to that Primi yet - i must go.

Kimberly Julie said...

Doesn't Obama look so dapper? :)

CeeCee said...

ah such wonderfully hot men! they just kept getting better as i read down the post, i thought the my fellow countrymen, Ewan was last but no there hiding at the bottom was the wonder that is Obama. (fingers tightly crossed he wins!!)
I can't wait to see a pic of BB, his outfit sounds amazing. You guys are going to look so great.

a london bride said...

I love that he'll be himself, I get told off every time I tell J what colour tie to wear, he doesn't understand I like things to match *sigh* but then perhaps I should approach things your way, it is the only thing he's really getting an absolute say over. And thank-you also for the gratuitous hotness, I've been very much in need of that today :)

Anonymous said...

OMG! I have such a huge crush on Jonathan Rhys Meyers!! Thank you very much for that. :)

AND BB is going to look absolutely awesome!!

Hannah Noel said...

I totally put the wrong date for bridesmaid dress shopping. We aren't going shopping until the 8th, THIS saturday lol.

So is your man picky or does he just have eloquent tastes? ;)
I like everything you showed! I can't wait to see pics of the final result!

Blogger-bride-twins? Hmm.. I like it :)

Anonymous said...


I'm a long time reader, first time commenter. I love your blog but I guess I must be a bit behind in fashion terminology because I didn't quite understand what pants your BB will be wearing. When you say Diesels you don't mean jeans right??

Stephanie @ Gossip. Style. Wed. said...

You were definitely right about the hotness. Fly. Guys.

P.S. I gave you the Uber-Amazing Blog Award...check out my blog for more deets :)

redframe said...

Brazen, will come find tag and Primi is alright, not great though... Nice stoep if you want to be on Main Rd!

Kimberley, dapper is a great word, he does and I guess we'll see loads more of him looking dapper for years to come!

Ceecee, all the holding thumbs worked out for Bama, now I just hope BB's outfit is similarly successful!

london bride, I also love things to match but I fight this urge all the way. Mismatched seems so much more current/fresh/something that I also like? And we have to give the grooms something to be excited about right?

mrs. s, thanks I hope so! See we might have different politics but a gorgeous man unites us... Oh JRM...

Hannah, my man is basically just stubborn. But I don't fight him too hard anyway, I love him for him. Wouldn't change a thing about him. Not even the stubbornness! Good luck on the REAL dress hunt then...

Anonymous, strange that this post of all posts should finally make you comment, I love it! Yes, I do mean Diesel jeans, sorry for the confusion... Do you think that's crazy?

GSW, yes, I think I need to go back and view my selection of men again right now... And thanks, I'll be over soon to pick up award, yay!

east side bride said...

I love it. Maybe you'll sneak me some pics for a groom style post ;)

redframe said...

OMG eastside wanted pics of my groom's style and i totally missed the comment? argh... i guess it's gonna have to be a whole post of my own as things changed a bit from here on... thanks for the compliment though!

east side bride said...


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