Thursday, October 30, 2008

the wedding: theme

Once we had our venue, we started thinking florists/decorators. As I mentioned before, we only knew one such company who did our friends' wedding and they happen to be considered one of the most innovative, avant garde florists around. Perfect for us then!

We had a meeting with Alwyn at Okasie, hopefully succeeding in illustrating our dream day clearly. We had to write a couple of paragraphs regarding our likes and dislikes, our style and the mood we were going for. It's quite hard to put these ideals into words, but I still like some of the thoughts that came out of that little worksheet.

Overall impression desired: Stylish, unique, romantic, intimate.

Two diverse ideas: 1. Romantic, vintage, classic with a touch of modern glamour.
2. Very clean, modern, simple, minimalist.

Other ideas to incorporate: Contemporary Afrikaans.
Comfortable chic.

Colour Options: white only / white & tiffany blue / white & chartreuse.
No flowers? Just glass/crystal/metallics/candles/beads/ribbons?
Patterns: modern damask/brocade, stripes, polka dots.

Mood / Theme: Contemporary impression of Colonial / Cuban / Deep South.
G&Ts / Mojitos / Mint juleps, white gauze, slow fans, palms.

Favourite flowers:

1. lily of the valley, 2. Hydrangea Blossom, 3. White Peony, 4. white tuberose, 5. Scented bokeh, 6. White petals, 7. White Frangipani Flower, 8. Gardenia..., 9. Oh Sweet Pea!

Preferred containers: Mismatched. Quirky, patterned, coloured, fun.

Other notes: I love chandeliers!

Okasie came up with this fabulous mood board:


margaritamoon said...

I wish it is time for all these moods to become a reality now. this is going to be a beautiful wedding.

Kitty Cat said...

It really sounds like you're enjoying every bit of planning - which is exactly how it should be! Fantastic.

Jenny said...

I love all your ideas!! I love chandeliers too. I really wanted my invitations to have a chandelier shadow but I can't find one I love. I can't wait to see all your ideas come together!

redframe said...

mmoon, so soon, dear moon!

kitty cat, sometimes i drive myself mad but mostly, yes, i love it!

thanks jenny! you are so sweet... hope you find that chandelier!