Monday, October 27, 2008

one year ago today

The best thing in the world happened to me.
And it's still happening every day.

The best man for me, asked me to be with him for as long as we shall be blessed to share this world.
And still nothing on this earth could make me happier than knowing this is so.

He is my new best friend.
He gets me.
He makes me smile and laugh, and then smiles and laughs at how much I smile and laugh.

I thank God and every single person I have ever cared for, who ever cared for me, for growing me building me preparing me for this love.

This love that knows no bounds, contains within it such joy and affirmation of all the potential for happiness that lies within a shared understanding, mutual respect and infinite trust.

I love you, my Beautiful Boy.

In honour of the anniversary, some pictures of the ring that crowned the day. Typically, as soon as I was engaged, I saw rings and references to rings everywhere!


Kitty Cat said...

Love the simplicity of your ring. I used to work in a jewelery store, and we sold a ring very similar to that style. Do you know where he got it? Or did you pick it out?
You two sound perfectly matched, that's wonderful.

Cassandra Allen said...

Hello happy girl, I like your sparkly diamond! I want one too!!!

margaritamoon said...

honey - with such a beautiful love letter you put Shakespeare to shame...

Guilty Secret said...


bekapaige said...

Yay for one year!

Heather from the bar said...

That ring is absolutely perfect. Classic! Congratulations on your 1 year mark :)

Laura said...

thanks for sharing your story; your joy is infectious. :)

Hannah Noel said...

I lovvee your ring.

It's it great when everything just fits into place?

melissa said...

I absolutely love your ring. It looks exactly like the ideal I always pictured in my head (I don't personally have an engagement ring, we were too poor at that age). Not too big, not too small, seriously perfect.

melissa said...

Oh and DUH, congratulations on the anniversary and the reflection about your love. I hope it continues to grow into something bigger than you ever knew possible. :)

Broke-ass Bride said...

ummmm... did you just write your vows? That was so touching. And what a sparkler! xo

redframe said...

Thanks Kitty... My particular one is from Tiffany's! Shimansky's MyGirl looks very similar? Read all about the Tiffany's affair in posts 36. and 37!

Cassandra, hi! You should get one!

Mmoon, aw shucks. Het my bietjie voorberei vir die vow-writing gisteraand. Tick. It's done!

Thank you GS!

Beka, I just realised yesterday some couples aren't even engaged for that long so it's quite a unique anniversary! We'll drop all the anniversaries and just stick with 22 Nov soon though!

Heather, thank you. I do love lucy more and more all the time. Simplicity = longevity!

Laura, that's great! That's exactly the purpose, infect people with joy, hope, faith.

Hannah, yes, sigh. It's great.

Melissa, surely it's never too late for an e-ring? I think you deserve one now! And thank you for your beautiful wish.

Broke-ass bride, funny you should mention that, we spent last night writing them! Thank you!

~abi~ said...

you are just too adorable! your posts make me smile. :)

redframe said...

Thanks abi, that made me smile... yay we're just smiley happy people!

melissa said...

Steve got me a sapphire and diamond ring after we were married a couple of years. :D

It really is so lovely to see your face!

redframe said...

Oh melissa, glad you got your bling ring... i love me a bit of dark blue sapphire! x