Sunday, October 12, 2008

42. the secret

At this time, my Sis and I were living together in my tiny two-bed apartment in the Northern Suburbs. So when Boy arrived, this was where he lived as well! Crowded, squashed and in each other’s faces, with very little to no privacy and the added bonus of my honey’s nightly snoring overtures, the three of us unbelievably lived very happily together.

I’m sure it helped that the BB and I were out and about all the time. We hosted a welcome back / engagement party for all our friends, attended a wedding, spent a week away with Boy’s family, organised boys’ golfing / girls’ spa days, went up Table Mountain, toured the winelands and generally spent quality time with all our foreign-living friends who were home for summer.

Eventually we even got round to introducing BB to my parents! My Mom spent Christmas with us at his family’s holiday home and it went as well as could be expected. That BB is a charmer you know, and he must have gotten it from somewhere.
When we drove out to see my Dad they hit it off through classic male bonding talk: golf, rugby, cricket. My Dad also had an open, honest, slightly uncomfortable little chat with us about my ex and how he felt about it all being so sudden.
Then he said that the secret is really to marry your best friend. And for the first time in my life my little heart glowed at marital advice, because my situation finally fit the bill and passed the test with flying colours.


Charlie said...

Your Dad's words of wisdom are wonderful. Thanks for sharing them.

redframe said...

Charlie, it is a great sliver of truth that seems so obvious hey? He's not usually a giver of advice, more just a kindly observer, which made it all the more pertinent to me.

Guilty Secret said...

My heart is glowing too :)