Thursday, October 2, 2008

32. in lieu of fall foliage

New York City didn’t steal my heart straight off the bat, but maybe that’s because my heart was already filled to overflowing when I arrived there. I was a bit disappointed the leaves weren’t turning yet, but one can’t stay mad at Mother Nature for long. Especially not when we’ve been messing with her for centuries? Besides, in lieu of fall foliage she gave us a fantastic couple of hot days, chilling out in Central Park with our Wholefoods sushi, Chop’t salads and Odwalla juice, checking out cute shirtless boys. Hey, I was in love, not completely blind!

Over the next couple of days my NYC-loving Lala escorted me all over the city of cities. As it was my first trip, we started with the more obvious things. I hope to one day return* and just stroll around, finding whatever piques my interest at the time.
Our home base was way up-town round 181st street, where Lala’s most accommodating ex Danny actually gave up his entire room to us, sleeping on the living room couch for two weeks! And people complain that New Yorkers aren’t friendly? Wow man, Dan deserves a medal.

Here’s my report on sightseeing NYC 101:

Times Square: Phenomenal
Radio City Music Hall: Razzmatazz
Rockefeller Centre Ice Rink: Cute
Empire State building: High
5th Avenue: H&M
Chrysler building: Pretty
Dunkin Donuts: Coffee & unglazed chocolate donut, mmm…
Fashion District: Cool
Flatiron building: Well-rounded
Dallas BBQs margaritas: Huge
Madison Square Garden: Famous
Bryant Park soup and sandwich combo: Healthy
Bleecker Street: Rocks
Magnolia cupcakes: Sweet
Marc Jacobs: Fab
Cloisters: Fake
George Washington Bridge: Skyline
Hudson River: Wet
Starbucks tall latte: Addictive
Ground Zero: Chilling
Century 21: Overrated
Grand Central Station: Gorgeous
West Village: Hip
Pastis burger and lager: Yum
14th Street: Awesome boots
Urban Outfitters: Trendy
Wholefoods tomato& basil soup: Heart warming
Union Square: Forever 21
Forever 21: Cheap + trendy = perfect.

And once I discovered Forever 21, I went AWOL for days…

*I have been lucky enough to return to NYC since then, but was on a whole other huge secret mission at the time so no strolls around Soho then either, sigh. More on that (for now) secret mission later.


Anonymous said...

Secret mission! How exciting!

Anonymous said...

it is nice to hear of your perspective on nyc---i hate things about that city, but love some things about it too---i am very torn about new york. i have a lot of friends there and sort of envy things about it, yet when i am there it's so overwhelming.

i can't wait to hear what happens next :)

CeeCee said...

I'm over halfway through a year of living here (well ok, so technically I live in Jersey City but I work in midtown!). It's interesting to read about your impressions. The first time I visited a few years ago I wasn't to impressed with the city, but now..I'm totally head over heels in love and I'm not sure how I'm going to leave next year!

Femasculist said...

I live on the Upper West Side, right behind the Museum of Natural History. I - like many "New Yorkers" am from somewhere else (Baltimore) but now that I'm here I can't imagine leaving! Soo many types of people living in the same space? Yankees? Giants? the Met? and <3 forever 21. Loehmann's is better than Century 21, Pastis is an experience, Bryant Park = me lunching with my's just a wonderful, wonderful place...even with the troubles...catching up with your posts now...loves it.

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! I want to go to NYC! I am glad you had such a good time. And that Danny-what a good guy to give up his room!

P.S. Sorry all of my comments are always full of exclamation points. I just really love this story.

redframe said...

cave painter, mmm mmm mmm my lips are sealed...

gentle, I know what you mean... having only been there on holidays there's nothing i hate, but envy, lately more and more! but it is quite overwhelming. very exciting city, so diverse.
hold your breath, the best is yet to come!

ceecee, i can definitely see how continued exposure to the vagaries of the city can make you fall head over heels... do you have to leave next year?

femasculist, oh you make me miss it! i am certainly more fond of it every time i go. i think the trick is that you have to find YOUR NY, the places that are special to you. otherwise it's just too big! thanks for lovesing it!

mrs s! i'm a big fan of exclamations too! so no worries!
and danny, i know! crazy! where in the world are you, just go to NY, everyone should!

Anonymous said...

I am in Texas! We haven't been able to afford airfare to go anywhere lately. But we hope to go soon!

Guilty Secret said...

Ooh, secret mission...? Intriguing...

redframe said...

Mrs. S, then go by train! Just kidding. It really is a fabulously eccentric city, a must-see for me! But then, I've also always wanted to tour the South... Too many must-sees!

GS, should get to the secret mission real soon!