Wednesday, October 8, 2008

four things: a meme from peacock feathers and diamond rings

Today I have:

1. been sitting at my computer all day long

2. been feeling guilty that my lovely housekeeper cleans so nicely around me while I just sit at the computer

3. arranged to take BB's car in for service/repairs tomorrow

4. traded e-mails with my two best friends whom I haven't seen in weeks even though we live in the same city!

To do:

1. decimate decorator's budget down to a quarter of quote, without crying for all the beautiful details lost in the process (sniff)

2. write ceremony and vows (easy peasy japaneasy...)

3. pay make-up artist/life saver deposit (at least that's a positive step)

4. get venue to return call confirming menu tasting this Sunday (this has been on the list for weeks...)

Guilty Pleasures:

1. reading blogs

2. staying in my pj's till 3pm

3. having a housekeeper (it's only once a week, okay?)

4. gofugyourself

Random Facts:

1. i only really discovered the internet this year (aaaaaaaaahhhhhh! heavenly choir exclaims)

2. i had typing as a subject at school (very useful)

3. i lived in japan for a year

4. i live next door to a real live SA celebrity


Summer said...

gofugyourself can easily be a bright shining light on a crappy day! Or on a great day. Either way, it's awesome. I love your blog and wish you and BB the best!

redframe said...

I concur on the multiple application of gofugyourself, it just makes me laugh + fashion fix + bliss. Thank you so much for your beautiful wish!