Wednesday, January 28, 2009

our wedding B: the make-up marvel

I can not say enough my fabulous make-up artist.

There is a long, sad story of how another great make-up artist broke my heart but I ended up landing sensational Sebastine through the misfortune of others. You can read about it in the long, sad story.

The end result? Total visage bliss. Apart from turning me into the happiest bride in the world with a head full of ridiculously gorgeous hair, she also did all five my girls' faces, and so brilliantly. You can hardly see they're wearing anything, until you check the before pics!

Sebastine was calm and sweet and helpful and charming and excellent overall.

darling vicki, all the way from england, which she calls home... for now

mischievous minki, my soulful party playmate

marvellous margarita moon, oldest companion and sharer of all life's vagaries

my only sister ankia, obviously feeling a little funky... love this girl

lovely liezl, willingly exiled all the way over in Colorado and much missed!

Everyone looked so divine! Sebastine also gave each of us a little touch-up kit including a lip brush, our lip colour, some gloss and a dab of our foundation on a sponge. Mine also had some mints and a tissue. So considerate, too sweet for words, professional perfection.

Sebastine also happens to be a total hottie, a great wedding guest and a very good friend.
I've said it before, I'll say it again:


Ruby Slippers said...

You all look gorgeous! She really is a marvel. And the touch-up bags - what a fantastic idea! I kept running to Mel and asking for a lipstick touch-up throughout the reception!

If I might ask, how much did the makeup cost?

Hannah Noel said...

Wow-- she really did a great job!! I love the idea of putting together little touch-up-baggies!! I may have to do that for my maids!

margaritamoon said...

oh - what fun!
wanna do it again!

Being Brazen said...

The make-up looks fabulous

Zoƫ said...

Ooo what fab results. SO considerate that she gave you each a little touch up kit. It's the finishing touches that make all the difference.

Lisa D said...

That is so so so awesome!! Love the 'touch-up' baggies. I need to put something together for my sister's wedding this summer (I'm the MOH!!)

You & your sister look so much alike! I love it when you can totally see the family resemblence between sisters!

Cate Subrosa said...

Fantastic make-up and I love the touch-up bags. I bought new foundation and lipstick so that I could keep it with me for touch-ups, but this is a great idea for your girls.

Oh and I love your sister's name.

redframe said...

Ruby, mail me and we'll talk!

Hannah, do it!

mm, lets! chinese style?

Thanks BB!

Zoe, couldn't agree more!

Lisa D, have fun with your sis' wedding and def do the baggies! You should see the whole fam together, like clones!

Cate, despite Sebastine's lovely baggies, I'm the worst girl for touch-ups and if Liezl didn't do me during the group shots, there wouldn't have been even one! Naughty bride...
I love Ankia too! We pronounce it Unkeyah. (In London they called her Annkya which is also fine I suppose?)

Steffie said...

Wow! I'm glad you put up before pics to prove she did something, because the after pics really do look that natural. That is makeup perfection!! I'm so impressed. How did you find her? Through or did you know her personally?

sebastine pepler(the make up artist) said...

i do love this post... can read it over and over...hie hie!