Friday, January 30, 2009

our wedding D: ready

With my favourite girls around, plenty of pampering going on, MTV in the background, delicious finger food for lunch and a little bubbly later on, the morning of my wedding felt more like a sparty than anything else. (Confession: I've never been to a sparty and never, ever thought I'd use the word, it just slipped out!)
I'd been up since 8am and Sebastine had started my hair at 10. I'd planned for everything to happen way ahead of time, as I tend to get a bit stressed under pressure. Before I knew it all the girls' hair and make-up was done and Ian had arrived. I'd also managed to do my mom's make-up somewhere during this pleasant passing of six happy hours! Ian quickly snapped the girls in their cute t-shirts while Sebastine finished my face.

And with heads...

As soon as I was all made-up, I was overrun by the paparazzi and striking cheeky poses. I felt fabulous.

Oh, the silly little blue ribbon around my neck? My mom gave it to me in the morning, kind of as a joke and I just tied it on. Liezl later gave me a garter with blue ribbon which I wore for my something blue, just so as not to tempt fate or challenge superstition.

This is my favourite, favourite, favourite getting ready picture!

Even though we were still very early, we decided to get dressed so Ian would have plenty of time for portraits. I remained the calm, zen, blissed person I'd been all morning. This was quite unlike me, and a very welcome surprise. I'm never hyper or overly anxious, but do tend to worry about little things. This day however, I gladly left it all in the hands of fate and the professionals I'd employed to run this show.
My dress just slips on, so I was decent within a second and nonchalantly started adding my accessories. This is the crazy beauty of wedding photographs and photographers: none of these shots are posed, I was just doing my thing. The girls were all in the bathroom getting their dresses on, hence the photogenic solitude.

I was just in my dress when there was a commotion at the door. Alwyn of extraodinary florists Okasie had arrived with our bouquets.

I must admit, I'm not really a flower gal. Our first meeting with Alwyn had entailed a detailed questionnaire which forced me to look up the names of flowers. So I told him what I liked and disliked, but after that left it all up to him. I think I'd given the key words modern, romantic, simple and stylish.
We'd also never chosen an official wedding colour scheme, as I like a different colour every week. When we printed our invites I rather randomly picked a chartreuse accent colour, as I was feeling it right then. My gorgeous, comfy shoes just happened to be green. Because I couldn't commit to a colour, we'd decided on white flowers for the tables. So in-between the green invite, the green shoe and since even all-white flowers have the green of stems and leaves in them, the wedding went green by default.

A few days before the wedding there was still a chance that the bridesmaids would each wear a different brightly coloured shoe and I considered giving them coloured posies to match. But then we went with black (and purple and green...) so I told Alwyn and once again, left it all up to him. I do love the bright green. And there's even hints of purple!

My bouquet was softer. Just lovely.

Finally, all were dressed, made-up and flowered. We took all these pictures at Old Oak Manor, where I'd slept. Very convenient.

My dear mom had been collecting confetti for months, but I told her I'd ordered all white petals from Alwyn. So we decided to use her's right there and then, and created my favourite pre-ceremony petal shower pic!

I was happy. Can you tell?


Cassandra Allen said...

Wonderful! I love the sense you create of the whole mood of the morning. And your favorite "getting ready" photo is beautiful, of you and all the girls. Great photos, beautiful girls, pretty setting. Looking forward to the next SRF installement.

Kitty Cat said...

You girls look happy and stunning.

The Cwtch said...

(sigh) how lovely, what joyful, happy pictures! You will treasure them forever. You all look beautiful - I am so enjoying being an imaginary guest at your wedding! Thank you xx

London bride said...

I love love love your photos. Just stunning and happy and wonderful.

White said...

RF that confetti shot is just gorgeous. Nothing better than some fab wedding photos to cheer a girl up!

Being Brazen said...

The photos are so beautiful.

You look so stunninng in your wedding dress.

NotQuiteaBride said...

YOu have no idea how happy it makes me that you are posting these!! I go straight to your blog every morning, and I'm so happy that you're posting about the amazing day and your gorgeous wedding!

keep em coming!!

Jessica @ budgetsavvybride said...

such gorgeous pics- you were a knockout!! love the happy flower petal tossing. :)

Cate Subrosa said...

Oh, the fabulousness!

Lisa D said...

That last picture is another one of my favorites! You look oh so happy!! You sure had an awesome photographer!!!

Micaela said...

happiness does look so BEAUTIFUL on you!!! i lalaloooove the last pic!!! le sigh...

where on earth did you get that spoon and fork painting? i want it for my kitchen!!! :)

i can't wait for more of your wedding bliss posting!!!!

Ashley said...

love love your dress!! and the bouquets.. I'm very partial to green ones!

Ruby Slippers said...

Yes, I can tell how happy you are! I love it! Isn't it the most goegeous feeling? Sigh. I don't think I stopped smiling the whole day, and it looks like you didn't either. That last shot is heaven - loved it when you first posted it, love it now!

Color Me Green said...

that confetti shot is simply amazing!

Abbie said...

All of these pictures are just amazing. AND THAT DRESS! You looked absolutely gorgeous. I just pray that the day-of for me is calm. I've actually had nightmares about it!

October12 said...

Straight out of a magazine, you and your girls are gorgeous. And yes, you look ecstatic.

I wish my morning had been as relaxed and happy as yours.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Good lord, woman. These pictures could have come out of a magazine, you are all so beautiful and the photography is so artistic!

~abi~ said...

so lovely! i feel like i went on the journey to reach this day right along w/ you, through your blog entries. so, i am happy to get to "share" in the big day via these posts! great photos!

Hannah Noel said...

Oh my gosh... your dress... words cannot express how truly glamorous and gorgeous--- And hey, your boobs look great too! lol

I love all of those pictures-- it makes me feel like I was right there with you guys!!

Cyd said...

This entire postful of pictures as me grinning from ear to ear. Such beautiful photos and you look so blissfully happy...I love the one with the confetti!

Jess said...

You and your friends all look model perfect!! Seriously, so beautiful.

I've said it before. I'll say it again - your dress is gorgeous!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

You are all too damn gorgeous for words!

And I absolutely love that last picture, it's perfect. In fact, if you don't mind I might post it for a little wedding cheeriness on P&P.

Mrs English nee Trini said...

Lovely lady!! And what a lovely day!

redframe said...

Cass, thnx! I didn't think I had it in me but as I load up the photos the memories come washing back. Quite neat actually!

Kitty thanks it was a happy morning!

Cwtch, how sweet are you and it's a pleasure!

LB, yay for stunning happy wonderful pics all round!

White, wow that's nice to hear, spreading the cheer!

Thnx BB, we didn't even alter anything, it really was as if made for just little ol' me!

Not Quite, thanks for your enthusiasm, makes it soooo worth while. Loving the love, thank you!!!

Jessica, I like that: petal tossing! Tee hee.

Cate, cheers!

Lisa, I bow down before the Westside Studio master... genius hey?

Micaela!!!!!!! bless you for the exclamation marks, it's how I felt. Fork&spoon painting was in Cafe Felix, it's just a fab arty little place. You'd love it. More coming up soon!

Ashley, the green was lovely in the end. I'm partial to them now too!

Ruby, yeah being a bit cheeky and posting some more than once... want it all together in order now!

CMG, isn't it? And my mom was so happy that we used her confetti!

Abbie, shame girl try not to fret! I had calming tablets at the ready but then, woosh. No stress. I'll send stress-less vibes your way!

Oct 12, why thank you miss! I can't look at them objectively, I just think they're the best pics ever. Don't worry about your morning, you guys look sooooo in love and your ceremony is sooooo intimate... And your focus was always the day AFTER right? ;-)

Princess, thanx!!!

abi, it's lovely to share it all with such lovely people. It's truly my pleasure!

Hannah, ha ha I still can't believe the boobs... great design does that I guess? Thanks for joining the ride!

Thanks Cyd, your comments have ME grinning too!

Jess, I'll tell them! I think happiness is the best make-up trick in the world!

Why miss Peonies, I'd be so honoured!!!!!!

Mrs English, thanks me lovely!

Brunhilda said...

The petals shot is lovely. And I still have Packham envy. :D

redframe said...

Thanks Brunhilda! I'm supposed to put my papillon up for sale, but I'm dragging my heels. I wonder why?