Tuesday, January 27, 2009

our wedding A: getting ready

On the morning of 22 November 2008, I woke up in the gorgeous white loft room at Old Oak Manor in Riebeek Kasteel.
And I was grumpy.
I'd slept well enough, considering all the thoughts running through my head on such an excited night, but I just felt groggy.
Great, I thought.
Here we go.
Big day, fantastic purpose, huge party and I'm feeling a bit crap?
I got up out of my little single bed, opened the French doors, and suddenly smiled.

Before me lay the exact view that had made me fall in love with this sleepy little town years before. Mountain, vineyards, trees, pond, lavender, and this was the clincher: all shrouded in a light cool mist.
When I first saw the Kasteelberg like this in 2007, it was the middle of winter and the mistiness was to be expected.
22 November though?
Height of summer in the Cape?
This was odd.
Oddly comforting, uplifting and fabulous. Like a little sign (or a big one really) reminding me that this day was different.
This day was unique.
This was my wedding day.

My mom had stayed with me the night before, so the two of us headed to Cafe Felix downstairs for a lovely last mother-daughter breakfast. I was as calm as can be, excited and content. I knew that in an hour or two, our restful haven upstairs would become a hive of buzzing activity as my mom, my five bridesmaids and I had to be readied for our show-off event of the year. This was going to be fun!

My mom was such a darling on the day, giving us all foot massages, taking bored maids downstairs for coffee to give the busy ones some room to move and making sure we all ate a little lunch. She was also entertaining...
That's enough now... Step away from the dress!

After we set my hair in pins, I had hours to just muck about and hang around while my five girls were getting their make-up done. To feel useful I repacked my overnight case and considered what to take if the weather should remain so cool.

My brother & MC swung by to check on his duties. It was quite apparent that he'd had a late one with my cousins the night before! But I totally trusted it all to him, he's reliable to a fault. This is him (or some homeboy version of him) and my sister & maid of honour.

I could hardly believe it when all the girls were finally done and it was time to finish my hair and start on make-up!

I'd decided that this was as good a time as any to switch from juice to bubbly. Delish.


Jenny.Lee said...

You are gorgeous! What an awesome venue to get ready in!

Lisa D said...

One of my favorite shots is the side view of you getting your make-up done. That room is fabulous!! And your mom sounds like so much fun! How fabulous to have a coffee shop just steps away for a little 'pick me up'.

Thanks for sharing your big day with us - you looked gorgeous!

Also, thanks for the comment on my blog, by the way! Comments totally make my day!!!!

Globetrottingbride said...

These are great pics! Sounds like a great day...

London bride said...

Yeay! More recaps :) Sounds like a lovely lovely morning. And isn't it weird when you wake up and you just don't feel like you expected. You're venue and setting was just beautiful, good choice! Looking forward to more photos, tales etc LB x

tkc 16 said...

I love the idea of breakfast with your mom, just you two.

Being Brazen said...

stunning black and white photo

Ruby Slippers said...

Oh yay, I'm so glad you're doing recaps! And how cute is your mom??? The last two pics are just beautiful - are they the pro ones?

Molly said...

You are stunning! I can't wait to read more.

Micaela said...

YOU ARE SOOOO PRETTY! :) and yes, agreed, GORGEOUS venue to get ready.

Hannah Noel said...

Gosh, you're always so good at leaving us begging for more. I love the pictures, and love the fact that you look so completely relaxed and happy-go-lucky in all your pictures!

lovelymorning said...

post more, post more! i can't wait! and i need to see more of the dress. bad.

also, if you send me your address, i will send you a bottle of grey nail polish. Because i like your blog that much.


Color Me Green said...

you guys look like you had so much fun - glad you could enjoy it instead of being too nervous/stressed! looking forward to hearing more.

bekapaige said...

I am so excited, I am so excited!! Pictures and recaps at last! :)

redframe said...

Ladies thanks so much for all the compliments and great wishes. You guys make it so easy to share.

Jenny, it was beautiful, I was glad I thought of getting dressed in a pretty place!

Lisa, again the room, I know! I love that pic too. My mom is a lot of fun, almost more like a sister? And now that I've started sharing, I'm loving it.

Thnx, Globetrotting B! It was...

LB, I was quite worried when I felt so grumpy! Luckily it passed quickly. Pleasure and lots more to come!

tkc, it did work out great. We're not that sentimental together my mom and I, but it was lovely.

BB, b&w always rocks!

Ruby, well spotted! Started on the pro ones in the last two but I'm just posting all together.

Molly, thanks girl. Quite honoured to find you here!

Micaela, thanks (blush)!

Hannah, what? Even this is suspenseful? I guess it just comes naturally to me? I have honestly never been as relaxed as that morning, how weird is that...

lovelymorning, are you shitting me?! I'll send you something back! Wait, I'll find you somewhere more appropriate to be having this conversation!! You're a doll!!

Color me green, it was a blessing. Still don't know where the supreme inner peace came from? Maybe just knowing the right man would be waiting up the aisle!

Beka, yay, I know, took a while! Don't you dare do the same when your time comes! x