Friday, August 20, 2010

have you seen her?

The little sunbather on the promenade

She has a friend, a dragonfly

But I like the little sunbather best

This is exactly how I feel, when the sun is out

I would like to bring her home to live with me

Installation art by Marieke Prinsloo Rowe


Being Brazen said...

i have seen her as i drive by the promenade often. very nice. I need to go for a walk on the promenade and get up close and personal.

Have a lovely weekend. x

agirl said...

How lovely. Is that a person, or a series of statues in different positions?

Also, that SKY.

Marli said...

Brazen I only discovered walks / runs on the promenade last year - it is UNBELIEVABLY LOVELY - do it!

agirl series of statues, there are even more, so so beautiful. can you believe that SKY courtesy of crappy iphone camera?! nice. come visit!

DT said...

The photo's came out so beautifully. Hard to believe it was right in the middle of winter! What a gorgeous day that was! x

Sid said...

Ha! I took pics of this statue a few weeks ago and uploaded it onto my blog too!

bupop said...

I need to go for a walk on the promenade and get up close and personal.

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