Monday, February 15, 2010

A favour please, mes amies!

I know it's a bit cheeky, seeing how horribly I've neglected you...
But dear reader, I got the most wonderful news and I need your help.
The beautiful boy and I will be traveling to Paris in the springtime!

There will be some work to be done, but before you know it, that will be over and then we'll have a glorious week to ourselves in the city of lights and beyond.
Lucky lucky lucky me.

So, these are my questions.
Have you been?
Where did you stay?
Where did you go?
What did you see?
What was your favourite restaurant / museum / park / shop?

Erm, which brings me to: shopping! Where do I go for trendy, quirky, AFFORDABLE fashion - is there such a thing to be found in Paree?

And then.
We'll have two weekends in the city so we are considering using the week in between to see somewhere else.
So I'm thinking ...
Reims, Troyes, Epernay ...
What do you know? What do you think? What would you do?

Exploding with excitement.


Ashley said...

It has been forever since I've been to Paris, so I am no help there - but we are going to SA for 3 weeks in May and would love to have your thoughts on places to go/things to see. It has been 10 years since my husband lived there and we will be seeing lots and lots of family, but he keeps asking me what I want to see when we go and I just don't have any ideas!

Coree said...

Lucky!! I am jealous!
I have been to Paris twice. Both times as a broke college student and we stayed at 2 different hostels...that I DO NOT RECOMMEND. The 1st hostel was the 3 Ducks and the 2nd hostel was the Aloha Hostel. Both were dirty and gross. Now that I am older, I told the DH the next time we go, we will stay in a real hotel!

Other than that...have a blast!!!

Princess Christy said...

Went, loved it. Go up into Notre Dame - totally worth it. And Sacre Cour (spelling?) is beautiful, we went up at twilight, so we got the dusky light and dark. Um... near Notre Dame there is a St. Michael fountain/statue, and there is an awesome little pizza joint there. Get a pizza and bottle of wine, and sit and people watch (relatively cheap)!

Em said...

Stay in Montmartre - it's the most magical part of the city and it's only a twenty minute walk from the centre or a quick metro ride. It's so villagey and sweet, full of cafes, restaurants and bars, not to mention quirky shops, fromageries etc etc..... Heavenly! With regards to where exactly, it just depends on how much you want to spend.
Definitely check out the Marais area - full of hip boutiques, cool bars etc (it's the gay area but not exclusively so and just very cool). There's a fantastic restaurant there called Robert et Louise where they serve proper country French food - including an amazing cote de boeuf cooked over their fire. Yum.
I wouldn't recommend staying in Epernay itself - apart from the champagne houses there's not really that much to the town and the restaurants leave a lot to be desired. Reims is supposed to be gorgeous - so maybe head there instead.

Hope that helps! Have a fab time.

Being Brazen said...

That is so awesome - I am green with envy.

I have never been, but its on my "dream list"


Anonymous said...

Paris is my favourite city to visit. The Marais is fantastic - edgy and full of great little boutiques & cafes but safe enough to walk around at night and my other favourite is St Germain.
I usually book with hotelconnect ( or stay in a Citadines apartment - great if you're there for a few days because you can make breakfast or light meals - the one in St Germain near Pont Neuf is in a fab location.
I stayed at this B&B in Champagne, lovely rooms and the staff were very good.
Have an amazing time!

agirl said...

Oh Paree... Lucky lucky thing!

I've only been once, some years ago now and with my parents at that, but I would definitely suggest that you stay in Monmartre - I remember it being magical.

Enjoy! xx

Katherine said...

I have one word for you! TATI! A shop in Paris that has the most AMAZING clothes for Oober cheap! kind of a Parisian "Buffalo Exchange"! It's great!

Tati | Shopping
4, Bd Rochechouart | Montmartre/Clichy | +33155295220
Mon – Fri 10:00 – 19:00, Sat 09:15 – 19:00

Rox said...

Soooo jealous! My parents have been, but I have not. Meh.

Enjoy lucky lady!

P.S. Big lolz at the Chinese comment, somehow I doubt it is a list of top Paris must-sees. ;-)

Modelmental said...

You guys! Thanks so much for the fab tips and insights! We're only going in April so suggestions are still welcome, though the hotel bit is sorted.

Ashley, I'll have to dedicate a whole post to your question... hang on and please bug me again if I haven't responded soon!

Hehe Coree, don't worry I also had one super quick super broke trip to Paris a looong time ago that's better forgotten! That wasn't my idea of Paris at all!

Princess Christy, how did you know?! Pizza in Paris = my idea of heaven! THANKS!

Em - very helpful thanks! Think we ended up on the Left Bank (work is paying so I'm not complaining) but will certainly head to Montmartre and Marais - sounds like my vibe! Epernay / Reims only looking a day trip now so cool, thanks!

Brazen - we all have to go Paris at least once in a lifetime right?

Anon - do you write for tripadvisor or something? You should! I was going to go with two of your accommodation suggestions until it transpired that work is paying and therefore they are choosing... Filing those suggestions for next time!

agirl, Montmartre check! Visions of quirky outfits and the soundtrack to Amelie playing in the background... ps I'm sure Parisians hate us doing that!

Katherine, TATI yay! I totally forgot, we used to have a dodgy messy one in Cape Town, of all places! I'll def go there! Right up my alley, major bargain hunting, thanks for reminding me!

Rox, well actually I copy pasted the Japanese comment into Google translate and it was full of wonderful suggestions for Paris! NOT!!!! X

ansie said...

Bordeaux is worth a drive!

ansie said...

Bordeaux is worth a drive!