Wednesday, September 16, 2009

video killed the radio star

love this so much


miss moose said...

What a totally fun and totally awesome video :-D

Btw, I just found and started reading your blog.. you write beautifully, and I loved your love story A LOT.

I also like your post about SA- Im going there at the end of November for 6 weeks, and I cant wait! Your post has me hoping that we get to experience a 'braai' too!

Modelmental said...

Miss Moose, thank you so much! First non-spam reply to the vid... Where in SA will you be? On holiday? How fabulous! Feel free to mail me for any advice or inside info, I love this country, sure you will too! sexyredframe at gmail dot com. x

miss moose said...

We are going to Cape town for a wedding, and will be there a total of 3 weeks. After that we'll be spending a bit of time in Johannesburg and Durban, then back to Cape town. The itinerary seems to change quite a bit, but that is the plan atm!
It's so kind of you to offer your advice, I will definitely keep a note of your email address, thank you :)