Tuesday, March 24, 2009

busting out of the (fashion) closet

I've been hiding it from you.
Not purposely, just quietly.
You graciously never asked, and I conveniently never told.
But my secret is eating me up from the inside.

What I do.
For a living.
Or rather, used to do.
Now try still to do, but not doing all that well.
This time of self-doubt, this time of examining, questioning, re-evaluating, has given birth to something bigger than me.

So here and now, in this time of silent desperation, I am compelled to reveal all.
It insists on busting out, breaking away from the comfy, dark covers of false modesty and hidden vanity, heedless of the shame and mockery that might follow.

There is a story wants to be told.

A story accompanied by numerous photographs of great humouristic value.


Follow me, dear friends, from blogger bride to model blogger, if you wish.



Indian Summers said...

Oh my! What can I say - except that it doesn't really surprise me! x

AmyJean said...

Oh i'm totally following you... anywhere you may go in the blogosphere :)

Being Brazen said...

We totally will have to meet for a drink one day, fellow capetonian.

Following you to the next blog :)

Marie said...

Oh my! No surprises there, you are exceptionally beautiful. So very excited about your new blog!! I'll be over asap. x

Julia said...

what a great surprise!
although, your wedding photos mean that it's not thaaaat big of a surprise ;)

Kimberly Julie said...

I knew it! You're far too beautiful not to be a model! ;)

Color Me Green said...

woohoo i'm excited to read a whole new set of stories from you!

October12 said...

This explains so much! No ordinary creature could land in LA and end up at the places you did, but you are no ordinary creature. I think we all knew that with the first photo you shared with us.

Cate Subrosa said...

Girl, I am so excited that you are back and storytelling again!

One thing, though... any chance you could change the comment format on your new blog? For some reason I can't work out I have never been able to comment on blogs with the embedded comment form :(

Redframe aka Modelmental said...

Cate, for you I kill da bull... It's done lady.

Brazen, I think it's a must-do!

Thanks for all the lovely comments. Part of the purpose of the new blog (other than indulgent strolls down memory lane) is to dispell some awful model myths, hope I can achieve that!
I really love you guys for your unwarranted enthusiasm and the way you trust that the stories will be worth reading. That, is priceless to me!

Jess said...

Oh, I am so excited for follow you on this new blog... sweet!